Blood Cleanup

If you are in need of Blood Cleanup services, call our hotline at 1-888-752-5001 for 24/7 assistance.

Bio Recovery has teams of licensed and skilled technicians nationwide fully prepared to service any situation. Our biohazard specialists are thoroughly trained to comply with the OSHA standards for blood and body fluid cleanup.

We offer competitive rates, and our services are typically fully covered by insurance (i.e. homeowners insurance, car insurance, etc.). We work directly with your insurance providers to alleviate you from any hassle.

If you do not have insurance, there are plenty of other methods that we will help you with, such as a payment plan or the victim’s assistance funds.

At Your Home, Office, Hotel, Business, or Apartment

Bloodshed is usually the result of an injury, no matter how superficial or severe. Blood cleanup should not be taken lightly, which is why the certified biohazard technicians of Bio Recovery offer professional crime scene & blood cleanup services, nationwide.

Blood dropAs professional blood sanitation specialists, we sanitize and restore the safety of commercial, industrial, residential and public areas.  The services we provide include the cleanup of blood spills and loss, gross filth, bodily fluids and contaminated crime scenes.

Proper disposal when dealing with these jobs is important. Blood comes with a host of possible health risks.

Unprotected contact without safety equipment can lead to the transfer of harmful and sometimes deadly consequences for those involved.

If infected with certain types of bacteria, infectious diseases and blood-borne pathogens, please get immediate help to determine the threat level you might be at risk too.

Not knowing how serious this contamination can be could bring about unplanned life-changing health situations.

Blood Cleanup Protocol

Blood is known for making stomachs turn, knees weak, and something not everyone can view easily. Our blood cleaning specialists are trained and experienced in dealing with bloodshed environments.

Whether it be one room or throughout an entire property, we will make a bad situation better for the folks we assist on a call.

Unfortunately, accidents happen, crimes happen and injuries occur; our services can prevent any more risks as a result from what has already transpired. You can turn away from the crime scene knowing that there will be nothing left to be concerned with.

You can rest assured that we will handle this crisis for you and have your back no matter what has transpired at a blood cleanup scene. Our process includes cordoning off and isolating the area of focus first.

We then look to remove unsalvageable items and sanitizing all surrounding surfaces, walls, etc. In conclusion, we will test and get results that confirm proper sanitation levels for the area(s). A certificate of completion will also be provided for customers requesting official safety confirmation.

Person cleaning up blood with mopProfessional Cleaning & Decontamination Services

Direct contact with blood can potentially lead to the transmission of infectious, blood-borne and sexually transmitted diseases, the most common of which are HIV and AIDS, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. These risks can also be present after the blood is visually gone.

When dealing with blood cleanup, it is critical to perform decontamination at a microscopic level, not just a visible one. Quickly mopping up the area will only spread the health risks around.

Our biohazard trauma cleanup team has the training, restoration knowledge and experience to what your property requires, to once again be fully restored, sterile and safe for occupancy.

Our Process

Our certified cleaning specialists have a proven process that ensures the affected area is 100% safe and returned to it’s pre-incident state. Our 6 step process is the only way to be sure that the area has been properly taken care of and eliminates the risk of pathogens. The 6 steps are as follows:

  1. Protect – Once arriving, the crucial first step is to ensure that the immediate and surrounding areas are isolated. Even if you do not see blood in the area, our trained professionals can pinpoint even the most minuscule drops. This will keep everyone and safe and prevent spreading.
  2. Gear – When our team knows that the area has been isolated, it is time to gear up before actually entering the area. Our professionals use completely secure, cutting edge suits to ensure their safety as well.
  3. Contain – After suiting up, the team enters the isolated area. This is when they begin the actual cleanup by sanitizing the most heavily affected areas first. When absorbing the heavy-spill areas, high quality instruments are used that guarantee maximum absorption and eliminate the threat of spreading.
  4. Preparation – In the preparation stage, we prepare our solution and instruments for the stain removal, deep cleansing portion of the process. The cleaning agents we use are proven to eradicate any threat posed by the blood.
  5. Disinfect – This is the stage of the process where the serious deep cleansing and disinfecting takes place. Again, this should only be handled by trained and certified professionals. This is also when objects soaked will be removed and properly discarded if absolutely necessary.
  6. Inspect – In the final stage of the blood cleanup, a full inspection of the area will take place. Remember, even if there is no visible blood left in the area, our teams will be able to locate any area that may still be affected, no matter how big or small. In that case, a final sensitization and secondary inspection will occur.

Guaranteed Safety

When there has been bloodshed for any reason, contacting us will ensure that your property is once again safe.  No matter who it belongs to, it is important to always treat blood and bodily fluids like it is dangerous.

Our professionals suit up in crime scene gear, properly sanitize and dispose of not only the blood-soiled items but also all of the gear and equipment we use.

We pay attention to detail when performing a thorough and complete blood clean up service.  In this business, missing the smallest detail could result in serious health consequences.

Call Us Today

When an accident or tragedy occurs there is likely to be blood left behind. Here at Bio Recovery, we understand that immediate response and restoration are both very important.

In addition, Bio Recovery will come into your home with compassion and understanding for your situation. We make it our personal mission to professionally and discreetly help families through these most difficult times.

Situations, where blood is present, are best handled by professionals properly trained for these scenarios. It is recommended that friends, family members, your employees or yourself do not try to clean blood because of safety and emotional well-being.

We use a variety of safe cleaning agents as well as the proper protection to stop blood-borne pathogens. Cleaning blood without the proper equipment can be a serious health risk; a risk that there is no need to take.

Bio Recovery’s Crime Scene technicians are specially trained to assist not only the blood cleanup process, but to also quell the overwhelming physical and psychological issues that come after a traumatic event.

If you see blood, take your safety seriously and contact Bio Recovery for our Blood Cleanup Services at 1-888-752-5001, no matter the reason.

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