Suicides Increase During Holiday Season: A Harmful Myth or Tragic Reality?

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You’ve heard it before: “Suicides peak around the holidays.” Social media posts begin circulating in late November to implore everyone to look out for signs of depression and despair, and to practice kindness because depression is at its worst in December. Some people theorize that the shorter days around the winter solstice wreak havoc on biological rhythms, and others cite … Read More

Suicide Cleaners Nassau New York

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Suicide Cleanup Nassau NY

The suicide of a loved one is heartbreaking on so many levels. Knowing that person felt so much pain that they decided to end their life is something that families grapple with for years. Suicide elicits so many emotions — guilt, sadness, anger and intensive grief. Families of suicide victims are often in total shock about the incident with absolutely … Read More

Suicide Cleanup Service New York City

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Suicide Cleaning NYThe tragic loss of a loved one is made more difficult when the family has to handle cleaning up after a suicide. Death Scene Cleanup can be very emotionally draining and scientifically hazardous. All Blood, Tissue and Body Fluid removal must handled with extreme caution. Each are classified as Biohazard Materials and must be disposed of following Biohazard Protocol Procedures. The sheer number of people in New York City results in numerous calls for Suicide Cleaning and Bio Recovery has qualified technicians on call. Read Full Post

Suicide Cleaning New York

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Suicide Cleaning NYThe loss of a loved one to suicide is extremely painful for everyone involved. While you may have known that he or she was struggling, it is likely that you did not realize the depth of their despair. Family members of a suicide victim feel the pervasive loss and can experience their own trauma over the suicide of a friend or family member. In addition, there are many unexpected tasks to complete during this vulnerable and dark time. Other friends and family members must be notified, an obituary must be written, arrangements for a service must be made, and someone must make a decision about how to cleanup the area where the suicide took place. Read Full Post

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Kings County Suicide CleaningYear after year, suicides have become more and more of an issue, especially with our younger generation. Whether this is caused by bullying or low self esteem, the aftermath from a suicide is devastating for close friends and family. On average, almost 30,000 Americans commit suicide each year. That amounts to one suicide every 16 minutes. Living in a small community like Kings County, NY, we may not hear about suicides as frequently, however they are still something you should be prepared for. If you or someone that you know is dealing with a recent suicide of a loved one, our certified cleanup professionals at Bio Recovery are eager to assist you through this traumatic time by cleaning up the mess left behind after a suicide. Read Full Post

Suicide Cleanup Wyoming

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Suicide Cleaning WYThe last thing that families think about when raising a family is the chance that one of their family members may commit suicide. As difficult as this may be to discuss, it is a problem that is continuing to rise in Wyoming and many other states. With the constant bullying and the way that “Hollywood” portrays being a certain body type, more and more teens are resorting to suicide as their only option. If someone you know in Cheyenne, Jackson, or Casper, Wyoming… Read Full Post