Top 7 Crime Scene Call Center Tips

Joe MayGeneral, Victim Resources

“Good Morning, How can we help you?”

The phone is ringing at Bio Recovery on a Monday morning while answering agents are having their coffee.  The office clock displays a time, but when unattended deaths, crime scene cleanups, and suicides happen, time is irrelevant.  We have put together a Top 7 crime scene cleanup call center tips list for our customers.

Answering the phones for crime scene cleaning related jobs is one that requires sympathy, listening skills, compassion, and understanding.  Although these are important to balance the conversation and get the most information possible to guide the caller in the right direction, there are also easy and difficult questions we must ask.

Top 7 Crime Scene Call Center Tips

Provide your name and the location of the cleanup or job you are requesting.

Let the answering agent know if you are a family member, friend, or how you are related to the situation you are calling about.

For service needed within 24-hours let us know if there is blood, trauma, death, and/or any other immediate issues that should be addressed first.

All services that Bio Recovery provides involves an initial estimate first.  There are options to cover most services with homeowners insurance, crime victims services, and/or direct payment.  Letting us know how you would like to proceed with covering the cost of your cleanup is always helpful.

Trust, being discrete, and caring for your situation is paramount with any company you choose.  After you make the initial call to our dispatch office, it is recommended that you see our latest reviews and testimonials.

In certain instances, callers might be emotionally distraught and/or mourning a loved one.  If you can’t speak to us on the phone, you can always have a family member or friend be the liaison for your situation while communicating with us.

Being in business for decades, we have taken thousands of calls on hundreds of different topics.  Please don’t hesitate to give us any details needed about your situation – it will help us provide the best needs for your call.

What Happens When Misinformation Is Provided To Dispatch?

We take pride in our work at Bio Recovery and make every attempt to attend to a customers wants and needs.  Our field workers, supervisors, and specialized trained crews are at the front line helping you when you need us.

Occasionally, we have had callers give us misinformation that leads to delays in helping customers get the crucial help they need.  Information such as address, city, state, contact number, etc. is a priority just as if you needed emergency help from a fire department or police station.

If a caller needs a cleanup for an unattended death that occurred a month ago and we show up to clean a  living room where a few people passed away years ago and that area needs cleaning – these are two very different cleanups to prepare for.

Another example of misinformation is when we had a hoarding cleanup nine years ago in New England and a couple needed us to clean a single apartment.  When we arrived, they said they owned three apartments that were shoulder high with hoarding and they were upset we couldn’t offer them the price we first quoted because of the extent of the “real” cleanup job presented to us.

There are many other stories of course over the years, but this isn’t the crux of our blog post for today.  We hope we can help your situation and will pay close attention to any details you communicate to us.