Meth lab cleanup

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Destroying lives, families, morals…and properties. Meth houses, drug manufacturing and use results in a multitude of dangers, while some are clearly visible, others can be undetectable at first glance.

If you have been told the property you’re responsible for, living in or occupying for any reason was at one time a meth lab, you should understand what that means.

Many states require legal testing of an area that has been used to cook meth or other drugs because the health risks are still present years after the cooking operation is absent.

Bio Recovery’s specialists offer professional meth lab testing & assessment and meth lab decontamination services in all 50 states.

Meth lab cleanup is essential to the safety of your family should you find out your home once housed a Meth Lab.

Certified Technicians Decontaminate & Restore Meth Manufacturing Sites

The risk are serious, which is one of the reasons that each state has their own set of strict regulations that need to be followed when preforming meth lab remediation.

Bio Recovery is informed on the state regulations of each state we service and their firm procedures of testing and remediating the former methamphetamine manufacturing property.

There may be visible signs, such as stains, burns, residue and obvious odors but the risks extend farther than that.

Toxins from the meth manufacturing process has filled the entire property, from ceiling to floors and even the entire ventilation system.

Which has turned the location into one major hazardous waste site.

Our meth cleaning process begins with collection samples of the entire location so that we can determine the level of toxins present and the best method of remediating.

Methamphetamine & Illegal Drug Lab Hazards:

  • Respiratory Problems
  • Chemical Poisonings
  • Increased Risk of Explosions and Fire
  • Skin Reactions
  • Migraines
  • Exposure can lead to Death

Meth Lab Decontamination Contractor

The toxins emitted when cooking meth and other hard drugs can be inhaled in, absorbed through the skin and even ingested.

The dangers of meth even extend outside of the structure. When the drug waste is quickly and discreetly dumped outside, burned or poured down the drain it often results in soil, septic and filtration contamination.

All of these areas need to be tested and dealt with to ensure a restored setting.

There is no safe physical contact with a meth manufacturing location, until after our company can decontaminate the entire area, both inside and out. Safety is a priority.

Meth Lab Cleanup Process

Our company offers a comprehensive process for assessing the biohazard impacts and damage caused by a lab and performing the decontamination work to restore a home to a habitable condition.

Indoor Evaluation:

Visual Inspection—a complete walk-through of the dwelling by one of our specialists noting any unusual odors, stains, damage, residues, etc.

Air Testing—check for volatile chemicals using a photoionization detector (PID). The ambient air in every room and every disposal drain will be sampled.

Corrosive Testing—check for the presence of corrosive residues left behind. Areas checked typically include countertop preparation areas, sewer drains and any visual stains.

Methamphetamine Testing—check for the presence of meth by collecting wipe samples. Samples are submitted to a qualified laboratory for analysis.

Documentation—photographs of sampling activities and laboratory data is compiled in a summary report. Conclusions and recommendations are provided.

Outdoor Evaluation:

Visual Inspection—a walk around the immediate property looking for signs of burial, burning or dumping of waste.

Field Screening—the collection of soil or ash samples and screening for the presence of volatile compounds via PID head-space technique and corrosive properties based upon pH.

Documentation—photographs of sampling activities and laboratory data compiled in a summary report. Conclusions and recommendations are provided.

For homes served by a drinking water well, the collection of a drinking water sample if it is believed that the ground water is at risk of contamination.

The tap sample is analyzed for volatile organic contaminants based on the EPA method 8260.

The collection of soil or septic tank samples to be analyzed by a laboratory for volatile organic compounds based upon EPA method 8260 and corrosive properties based upon pH.

Methamphetamine Decontamination Services:

Bio Recovery provides the labor, equipment, and technical safety expertise to ensure that all decontamination activities are completed correctly.

At the conclusion of any decontamination project the client will receive a complete report documenting all completed activities.

This report is typically forwarded to the overseeing regulatory agency for release of the property.

Ensure the safety of everyone, whether the property is being rented, owned, newly purchased, or is commercial, industrial or any other type of setting; contact Bio Recovery for professional Meth Lab Cleanup Services at 1-888-752-5001.

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