Crime Scene Cleanup: Clean it up fast

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Death can be messy. Not just figuratively, but literally in many shocking ways, eg., blood on the walls of a living room. Luckily, for many people, they have only seen this from watching TV shows like “Law & order” and “CSI.” These shows show you what happens after the death of an individual. Crime-scene investigators, police officers, coroners, paramedics show up collect evidence, check on the victim, ask questions, record the crime scene and remove the body. But what happens after that is rarely shown. Learn More.

Invisible Threats: Blood Cleanup

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In this day and age, more and more Americans are relying on professional services when they need to deal with hazardous tasks. Some of these tasks may contain environmentally hazardous aspects while others can be harmful for the mental and physical health of the people. More than everything, the emotional trauma caused for the family members of the victim can be exceptionally high upon a crime scene such as an assault, suicide or homicide. Learn More.

Accident Cleanup in homes and the streets

Bio Recovery HelpCrime Scene Cleanup

Crime Scene Cleaners New York

Serious car accidents happen all too frequently in New York. Unfortunately, all too often, individuals inside the vehicles are hurt, and at times pedestrians, bikers, and other onlookers are injured as well on the street. Whose responsibility is it to clean the streets when this happens and make sure that the biohazard risk has been eliminated? Learn More.

Crime Scene Cleanup Trenton

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We never know where a violent crime is going to happen next. But when one does, it needs to be cleaned up quickly and proficiently. Bio Recovery is a group of crime scene cleanup professionals in Trenton, NJ, and who can remedy any ghastly and grotesque situation that may occur. After investigators and EMTs come, call us to restore the area so that you can get back to the life you have. Read more