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Cleaning a crime scene is one of the most difficult and important aspects of healing after a crime, trauma or accident. A crime scene is a disturbing visual reminder of the pain that your loved one endured and restoring the area to safety is one small way to begin the process of moving past this life changing event. Determining who to hire to perform this cleanup can feel like a daunting task for a family, but fortunately, there are many reputable and experienced crime scene teams that can help in your time of need. Read Full Post

Crime Cleanup Service NY

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A very sad and disturbing statistic shows that the number of Murders in New York is up by an alarming amount in 2015 compared to the year before. Each violent crime leaves behind a victim or victims and often a messy Murder Scene. In many instances, families are responsible for the homicide cleanup. They must take care of cleaning up blood and blood contaminated items. There is a potential health risk for anyone exposed to bloodborne pathogens. A team of specialized field technicians at Bio Recovery is prepared to handle any type of Crime Cleanup Service for NY residents. Read Full Post

Crime Scene Cleanup Nassau New York

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Nothing is more frightening than coming home to yellow tape surrounding your property with teams of police, investigators and onlooking crowds scavenging through your belongings and wreaking havoc onto the fresh crime scene that lays in front of them. When the tape falls and the crowds diminish, the only thing left on your property is painful memories, bodily fluids, and a home turned upside down. If you live in Nassau, New York and this happens to you, please know that you are not alone and you should not be left to clean up this painful mess on your own! Read Full Post