NYC Professional Crime Scene Cleanup

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NYC Crime Scene Cleanup Pros

Crime Scene Cleanup is a specialized field where highly trained technicians handle the gruesome task of removing Blood and Body Fluids from a trauma scene. Each job holds the potential for being hazardous to human health. The scene of a Violent Homicide can be particularly difficult to maneuver safely. With the spike in Murder in New York City over the past year the need for body fluid cleanup experts has increased. Read Full Post

Crime Scene Clean Up Newark

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Newark, NJ, was ranked number three in the country for homicide rate in 2013. That’s a scary number, and although we are trying to bring it down, it’s not going to happen overnight. Following a violent crime there are many people that come when called, including first responders, investigators, forensic scientists, and crime scene clean up technicians. If the last mentioned people don’t come, then the victims of violent crimes and their loved ones are responsible for cleaning up the grim remains. And that’s why Bio Recovery is here to help with crime scene clean up for the residents of Newark, NJ. Read more

Crime Scene Cleanup Rochester NY

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After a tragic, violent and senseless crime, all you can think about is taking care of the victim, your family and working with the police to help find the person(s) responsible for the heinous act. The last thing that you want to think about is restoring the affected area to safety. While it may not be on the top of your list in the moment of a crisis, crime scene cleanup is one of the most important steps that a family needs to take to find peace and to maintain safety after a crime. Read Full Post

Crime Cleanup Service NY

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A very sad and disturbing statistic shows that the number of Murders in New York is up by an alarming amount in 2015 compared to the year before. Each violent crime leaves behind a victim or victims and often a messy Murder Scene. In many instances, families are responsible for the homicide cleanup. They must take care of cleaning up blood and blood contaminated items. There is a potential health risk for anyone exposed to bloodborne pathogens. A team of specialized field technicians at Bio Recovery is prepared to handle any type of Crime Cleanup Service for NY residents. Read Full Post

Suffolk County Crime Cleanup

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No matter where you live in the United States, we are forced to deal with crime way too frequently. Yes, even in places like Suffolk County, NY, there are crimes committed regularly. With over 1.5 million people living in Long Island, the crimes committed in this area can range from small, petty crimes, to drastic, dangerous ones. If you are currently dealing with the aftermath of a crime scene in this area of New York, Bio Recovery is a nationwide crime scene cleanup company eager to assist you today! Read Full Post

Trauma Cleanup Services Long Island

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After a trauma of any kind, the focus is and should be on the victim, their family and on healing from the devastating event. The last thing that those affected should have to do is worry about is cleaning up what is left after a trauma. Crimes, suicides and unattended deaths are extremely painful for loved ones and they should have the time and space to cope with the loss. Trauma cleaning should always be left to a professional. Bio Recovery is a national leader in… Read Full Post