Crime Scene Cleanup Newark, NJ

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We are more attuned to violent crime than ever before. From internet and TV broadcasting barbaric actions wherever they happen to the classification of PTSD as an anxiety disorder caused by traumatic events, we are more aware of the effects of violent crime than we ever have been. Sadly, this does not make it go away. And the remains of a violent crime, the crime scene, are usually left for the victim and their family to cleanup. Fortunately, Bio Recovery is here to help residents with the crime scene cleanup in Newark, NJ. We will do whatever we need to to restore the area to a safe and livable condition again. Read more

Crime Scene Cleanup NJ

Bio Recovery HelpCrime Scene Cleaners Jersey, Crime Scene Cleanup, Crime Scene Cleanup New Jersey

Crime across the country continues to rise year after year. Unfortunately, there are not any signs that crime rates will decrease any time soon. Research found that New Jersey had over 192,000 crimes in the year 2013, and 401 of those were murders. These crimes occur more frequently in larger areas of New Jersey like Newark, Camden, Elizabeth, and Trenton, but that doesn’t mean the smaller cities are immune to violence. If you live in New Jersey and have recently been left with the aftermath of a crime scene, it is important that you call a professional cleanup crew immediately! Read Full Post

Crime Scene Cleanup Queens County NY

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It seems like violence has been all over the news lately. Two shot and killed in Queens County, NY. One murdered on the edge of Queens County, NY. When is all of this going to stop? The only people left are the ones that truly suffer. Loved ones, family members, and friends are all left with the pain after any crime is committed, especially if it happens within their home. The stress of a crime can bring with it so much pain and heartache. The last thing anyone wants to think about is how they are going to clean up the mess. If you or a loved one falls victim to a crime and you are left with a mess, Bio Recovery is here to help. Read Full Post