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Cleaning up NYC CrimesCrime Scene Cleanup is a specialized field where highly trained technicians handle the gruesome task of removing Blood and Body Fluids from a trauma scene. Each job holds the potential for being hazardous to human health. The scene of a Violent Homicide can be particularly difficult to maneuver safely. With the spike in Murder in New York City over the past year the need for body fluid cleanup experts has increased. Read Full Post

Crime Scene Cleanup in The City of New York

Bio Recovery HelpCrime Scene Cleanup, NYS Crime Scene Cleanup

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Homicide clean up is probably the most difficult job that our crime scene cleanup crew handles on a daily basis. Even for our experienced crew, it can be difficult to clean an area with the knowledge of the violent act that occurred. This is, of course, compounded for family and friends, who knew the victim well and are left in utter shock and horror knowing how their loved one met their fate. However, once the first responders have completed their work, our team is committed to entering the scene, cleaning, disinfecting and restoring it to safety so that you and your family can begin to move forward. Read Full Post

Crime Scene Cleanup in NYC

Bio Recovery HelpCrime Scene Clean Up NY, NYS Crime Scene Cleanup

NYC Crime Scene Cleanup ProsThere are many aspects to Crime Scene Cleanup that most New Yorkers never have to consider. Many people are exposed to the responsibilities of crime scean cleaners through television and movies. The harsh reality of many crime scenes can involve hours of Blood Cleanup after a Homicide or cleaning out piles of garbage from a hoarder’s house. New York City Murder is much the same as elsewhere across the country. There are both physical and emotional aspects to deal with. Experienced teams from Bio Recovery are trained to handle all types of trauma scenes with tact and professionalism. Read Full Post