Crime Scene Cleanup Rochester NY

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After a tragic, violent and senseless crime, all you can think about is taking care of the victim, your family and working with the police to help find the person(s) responsible for the heinous act. The last thing that you want to think about is restoring the affected area to safety. While it may not be on the top of your list in the moment of a crisis, crime scene cleanup is one of the most important steps that a family needs to take to find peace and to maintain safety after a crime. Read Full Post

New York Crime Scene Cleaners

Bio Recovery HelpCrime Scene Clean Up NY, Death & Trauma Cleaning NY, NYS Crime Scene Cleanup

A violent crime can mean a lot of different things — murder, rape, robbery, assault or sexual assault. No matter what type of crime has occurred, it will undoubtedly be extremely traumatic for the victim and their family and leave behind a crime scene that is difficult for any close friend or family member to see. First responders are called to the scene to provide medical assistance to the victim and the police are called to piece together the circumstances of the trauma. Crime scene cleanup professionals are also needed to perform the important function of thoroughly cleaning up the area so that it can be safely restored and healing can begin. Read Full Post