8 Safe Reasons to Call a Biohazard Cleaning Company

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8 Safe Reasons to Call a Biohazard Cleaning Company

People think of biohazard companies as “crime scene cleaners“, and there’s often a disconnect between what the public thinks we do… and what we really do. The international symbol for a biohazard causes some to think of Bio Recovery as an offshoot of the CDC.

Biohazard remediation companies such as ours aren’t government agencies, but all the same, we’re concerned about your safety. We respond quickly to the scene of a crime or death, we’re empathetic to our customers’ needs, and we’re trained to address a variety of situations requiring professionalism, diligence, and skills.

Here are eight reasons you might need to call Bio Recovery:

1. Your Property Actually is a Crime Scene

8 Safe Reasons to Call a Biohazard Cleaning CompanyIf your home was the scene of a burglary, robbery, murder, or rape, law enforcement will use chemicals and compounds to collect biological samples and fingerprints. These compounds are difficult to spot and remove, but Bio Recovery crime scene cleanup crews are equipped to locate and remove crime scene investigation materials.

We also clean up after tear gas and pepper spray, or the residue left behind after “flash-bang” grenades are deployed.

2. A Suicide or Traumatic Death Left Biohazardous Materials

Sometimes crime scenes involve violent death. Police also respond whenever an unattended death has occurred, or to verify the legitimacy of a suicide. In addition to detection compounds, traumatic deaths leave behind blood, bone matter, human tissue, and bodily fluids. Biohazard cleaners like us use our own methods for finding and properly sanitizing sites on your property contaminated with biohazardous materials, whether or not law enforcement was called to the scene.

3. An Unattended Death Occurred on Your Property

Any death that happens outside a doctor’s immediate care is called an unattended death. This could be a suicide, a long-undiscovered decomposing body, or a person who peacefully died at home in the presence of friends and loved ones. Immediately after death, body fluids can permeate furnishings and surfaces, requiring careful biohazard cleaning to remove the risk of dead and decomposing body smells, bloodborne pathogens, pests, and long-term property damage.

4. You Need Help Cleaning Up After a Hoarder

8 Safe Reasons to Call a Biohazard Cleaning CompanyHoarding situations cause pest infestations, which require thorough cleaning to remove disease vectors and odors. Animal and human feces and body fluids severely damage property and cause unpleasant odors requiring professional cleaning compounds—not just over-the-counter scent-masking sprays. Our cleaners use proper protective clothing and masks to protect themselves from inhaling harmful bacteria stirred up during hoarder cleanup; this isn’t a job you want to undertake yourself.

We also clean up spoiled food from disabled refrigerators and freezers or rotten food left elsewhere on the property.

5. Your Property is Flooded with Bodily Waste

Severe sewer and septic system failures, as well as overflowing toilets, can contaminate residences and workplaces with dangerous pathogens. Human body fluids including feces and urine require special biohazard handling and disposal protocols to prevent residual odors, pests, and further contamination. Bio Recovery is equipped to safely and thoroughly sanitize all types of biohazard spills, including excrement.

6. Your Property was Contaminated with an Infectious Disease

E. coli, MRSA, hepatitis and tuberculosis are very real threats today. Patients suffering from severe bloodborne diseases or large, ruptured abscesses must have their residences thoroughly decontaminated, and medical institutions go the extra mile to sanitize their facilities after treating an infected patient.

Sometimes, medical facilities themselves are subject to accidents involving airborne or bloodborne pathogens, as was the case with a Chicago diagnostic lab in January 2018 when a burst pipe caused biohazardous spills of dangerous disease samples.

7. A Traumatic Home or Workplace Accident Occurred

Falls in the shower. Industrial accidents. Blunt force trauma and physical assault. Incidents when an outdoor injury requires indoor cleaning, as we tend to go inside for first aid whenever possible. Workplace blood spills require special OSHA-approved biohazard cleaning checklists, and homeowners want their property safe and clean after the patient is on the road to recovery.

8. Your Vehicle is Contaminated by Bodily Fluids

8 Safe Reasons to Call a Biohazard Cleaning CompanyWhether your baby arrived before you reached the hospital or your trip to the ER was prompted by a severe illness or injury, blood spills in your car will cause offensive odors and possible pest infestations. When it comes time to sell or trade in your vehicle, “in-the-know” appraisers will label it as a “biohazard car“, similar to the “salvage” designation on an auto title… with the related loss of value.

Bio Recovery sanitizes vehicles for law enforcement agencies, medical transport companies, charter bus operators, and even for boat owners. We can clean blood, decomposing tissue, and body fluids from your car’s frame, cushions, vents, and floorboards.

Leave the Cleaning to Us

Don’t attempt to clean up after decomposition, death, trauma or crime without the skills and equipment required for proper handling of a crime or trauma scene.

Bio Recovery is available 24/7 and we work with most insurance companies to quickly, discreetly, and thoroughly return your property to its before-trauma condition.