Blood Cleanup and Crime Scene Cleanup

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The issue of increased crime rate is a general problem facing the US government. No American citizen is guaranteed a 100% safety by the relevant law enforcement agencies. Despite our government investing in superior technology and law enforcement personnel training, crime scenes have become a common sight across the country. Most of these traumatizing crime scenes are as a result of serious accidents, homicides, and suicides among others. Bio Recovery is a reputable company that specializes in providing high-quality blood cleanup and general crime scene cleaning services to residents of New York. As responsible professional crime scene cleaners, we use the necessary blood cleanup/crime scene cleanup procedures to handle, clean and dispose of all biohazard materials effectively.

Our crime scene cleanup procedures are as follows;

  1. Initial Inspection

At Bio Recovery, we thrive in providing high-quality crime scene cleanup and blood cleanup services to all our New York customers. In order to serve you better, we play by all the rules, regulations and follow the right procedures without compromise. Our first crime scene cleanup/blood cleanup procedure involves a thorough initial inspection of a crime scene. We ask all the relevant questions before embarking on the actual crime scene cleaning. Our crime scene evaluation procedure allows us to make sound decisions in regard to biohazard waste disposal and type of biohazard cleanup supplies/equipment.

  1. Biohazard Materials removal/disposal

This procedure is generally all about crime scene restoration and removal of all biohazard materials. Our professional crime scene cleanup technicians are highly trained on how to handle any type of biohazard materials that may pose a danger to your life safely. We ensure that all our biohazard disposal containers are sealable and properly labeled as per regulatory protocol for safe handling, transportation, and storage of contaminated or highly infectious biohazard materials.

  1. Crime scene cleanup preparation

This is the step where we remove all the furniture, and carpets among other affected possession in preparation for thorough disinfection. We believe in ensuring that all blood or other bodily fluids stains are removed from all the surfaces for your own safety. Leaving surviving living organic matters such as bacteria, fungal, and viruses can put you at risk of contracting blood-borne infections including HIV and Hepatitis.

  1. 3-Step crime scene cleanup and Path Extraction

We have a reputation for our comprehensiveness in disinfecting, cleaning and deodorizing all the contaminated crime scene areas. We don’t compromise on our technicians and customers safety. For that, we use an effective 3-step technique for path extraction. We don’t take any chances as far as blood cleanup or crime scene cleanup is concerned. We always clean, disinfect and deodorize all pathways leading to and out of your property effectively.

  1. Crime Site Breakdown

After our intensive crime scene cleanup, we embark on our final step of site breakdown. This step is all about ensuring that all biohazard removal equipment and supplies are disinfected properly. We never leave a crime scene before cleaning, sanitizing or disinfecting it completely.

You can trust us to help you with your emotional recovery through our first class blood cleanup and crime scene cleanup services. We derive pleasure in safeguarding your safety through our scene restoration procedures and techniques.