Bloodborne Pathogens: Bio Recovery’s Comprehensive and Compliant Blood Remediation Services

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Bloodborne Pathogens It happens. A badly-injured patient walks into the waiting room of an urgent care facility, distributing blood on every surface she touches. An industrial accident at your manufacturing facility traumatizes your entire staff and leads to the loss of a human life. After the removal of the body, you’re left with the task of cleaning up human blood … Read More

6 Steps for a Safe, Effective Blood Cleanup at Work

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Blood Cleanup Blog Post March 1

Blood Cleanup Blood spills at work can be unnerving or even frightening to some individuals, but there is no reason for panic as long as proper cleanup procedures are followed. Having the proper materials available plus knowing how to perform a thorough cleanup will make the process much smoother and less stressful for all involved. Below is more information about … Read More