Cleaning up after Meth

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Meth consists of a powerful combination of hundreds of chemical substances such as; lithium, toluene, iodine, freone, sulphuric acid, muriatic acid, ether, anhydrous ammonia and pseudoephedrine among others. Poor handling of meth can have catastrophic repercussions. It can easily lead to contamination of property including wallboard, carpets, ceiling tiles, furniture, fabrics and floors among others. Wrong dumping of such chemicals can easily result in groundwater and soil contamination. Exposure to high concentration of meth can cause serious health complications such as headaches, dizziness, respiratory, nausea and skin ailments among others. Meth contaminations should be cleaned by professional meth lab cleanup experts for your own safety.

Here are general meth lab cleanup guidelines

Air out the property

The first thing you should do after suspecting hazardous chemicals contamination in your premises is to call a qualified meth lab cleanup contractor immediately. Handling suspicious chemicals on your own can easily make you vulnerable to dangerous health effects. Well, a hazardous chemicals expert will at least air out the property for their team’s safety. They will take all the necessary safety precautions including closing down the affected property for several days before letting their removal team inside for cleaning. After the cleaning process is over, they will either set up effective exhaust fans or open all windows for sufficient air circulation. They will keep the property off limits and subject it to numerous tests until they are sure it’s safe for you.

Contamination removal and disposal

Due to household items contamination, it is recommended that all absorbent materials including clothing, carpets, furniture and drapes be disposed of carefully. The best way of doing this is by consulting professional meth lab cleanup technicians to prevent further contamination. All the contaminated items regardless of their value should be double-bagged properly before being disposed of with other household trash.


During the meth cooking process, it is easy for surfaces such as counters, ceilings, walls, counters and floors to get contaminated. Extreme care should be observed when cleaning such surfaces particularly if they come into regular contact with food. The most common signs that a surface has been contaminated include visible stains and pungent odors. Well, the best way to prevent further contamination is through painting, replacement or removal of all contaminated surfaces.

Ventilation system

In case you suspect that your ventilation system has been contaminated, you should take action immediately. Consider having your Ventilation system’s filters, ductwork and vents removed then cleaned thoroughly by a professional meth lab cleanup expert. Alternatively, you should have all of them replaced with immediate effect.


Consult a professional meth lab cleanup company if you suspect that your septic tank has been contaminated. The most obvious sign of your plumbing system contamination is unusual chemical odor stinging your nostrils from your household toilets, drains, tubs or sinks. Professionals will use the necessary remediation and supplies to get rid of all the dangerous chemical contaminations from your plumbing system.


Never try to address chemical contamination on your own. Let the Bio Recovery experts sort you out professionally.