5 Tips for Choosing A Crime Scene Cleanup Company

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5 Tips for Choosing A Crime Scene Cleanup Company

In the event of a tragedy, you will be mentally, physically and technically ill-equipped to conduct the extensive cleanup efforts required to restore a home or building to a safe, healthy condition. Whether you are a private homeowner or a commercial property owner, a little research now will save you time, money and stress when you are in need of a professional crime scene cleanup company.

Hopefully, your family will never experience a suicide or violent death requiring traditional “crime scene cleanup” services. You’re more likely to experience a home robbery, a fire, flood or accidental injury requiring specialized recovery and remediation services. When you do, it will be a relief to have pre-selected a trusted company such as Bio Recovery to step in and get the process underway. You will have more important things on your mind.

5 Tips for Choosing A Crime Scene Cleanup Company

Following are five qualities to look for in your search for a crime scene cleanup company:

1. Ask About Certification

Your insurance company, as well as municipal, county or state regulations, may require that the cleanup is conducted according to specific guidelines and requirements. When researching prospective disaster mitigation services, ask if they are certified to perform the tasks required to put the property back into compliance.

Bio Recovery’s technicians are highly-trained in all aspects of our services, from smoke and water damage mitigation to biohazard removal and transport. While we are quick to respond to emergency situations, we are certified and equipped to conduct structural and environmental rehabilitation including asbestos, lead paint, and methamphetamine contamination mitigation.

We prioritize the safety of our teams as they work hard to ensure the well-being and security of our clients. While we are proud to meet or exceed industry and government-enforced standards for trauma restoration, cleanup, and remediation, our prime directive is completing our work to your satisfaction. We welcome your questions about our qualifications and procedures and we maintain a list of all our certifications here.

2. Demand Professionalism

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We have been in business for nearly two decades, and we hope to continue helping our community through difficult times. We work hard to maintain the trust we’ve earned among corporate, government, municipal and private clients. We understand that your confidence in our ability to stand by our work is paramount to you achieving your goals of recovery and healing after a tragedy, trauma or property damage.

You may have friends willing to help you clean and repair your property. Some may have experience with house cleaning, contracting or odd jobs, but none in trauma restoration. In the end, their efforts to help may actually do you—or them—harm. Our experience, equipment, training, and qualifications ensure the job will be done correctly, by professionals trained to handle the emotional, physical and technical challenges of the task at hand.

When you hire a professional, you can ensure that your property will be in compliance with the law and the requirements of your insurance policies. If you rely on the goodwill of friends, to no fault of your own or theirs, you may put their mental and physical health in danger. If important elements of the job are neglected due to inexperience, your costs will rise as secondary issues cause further damage.

3. Expect Discretion

Avoid companies whose vehicles are wrapped in dramatic graphics and on-the-nose slogans. Our goal in caring for our clients is to relieve stress, not add drama to their situation. We don’t use your driveway to sell our services; we depend on referrals from our satisfied private, corporate and municipal clients.

Bio Recovery’s teams work quickly, quietly, and diligently, and our vehicles are discreetly marked. We respect your desire for privacy during this difficult time.

4. Ask for References

Choose a company trusted by a wide variety of clients. Our extensive list of satisfied clients includes hotel chains, retailers, and government agencies at the municipal, state and federal level. We’re happy to provide references. You may already have heard about us from your insurance company, or from the first responders at the scene of your incident.

5. Verify Coverage & Financial Aid Resources

Did you know that many areas offer financial assistance for disaster cleanup? Biological and chemical contamination is a public health issue, it’s in everyone’s interest to ensure the affected property is restored to sanitary conditions. In addition, victim relief funds maintained by government agencies are earmarked to assist survivors of disaster, violence, crime, and suicide.

Call your insurance agent and ask them to verify coverage for various emergency cleanup scenarios. Your insurance company may already have a relationship with a disaster recovery company in your area and may require certain certifications and licenses. Find out in advance what is covered, who handles the paperwork, and how the agency manages payments or reimbursements. We are happy to work with your insurance company to expedite your recovery and restoration process.

Trust Bio Recovery

We’re confident that when you examine your options, Bio Recovery will stand out as your first choice for crime scene cleanup and disaster recovery services. Keep our number with your emergency contacts so we can help you in your time of need.