The New Face and Longer Reach of Opioid Dependency

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The Opioid Crisis and Unattended DeathYou've seen the news. We're experiencing an epidemic of opioid addiction and opioid dependence. Our President has called it a "National Emergency", and first responders, emergency medicine practitioners and—tragically—post-mortem service providers are overwhelmed. As a society, the stereotypical "junkie" was easy to spot. Nowadays, she looks like you or me. Bankers, teachers, business owners, tradespeople. ... Read More

Suicides Increase During Holiday Season: A Harmful Myth or Tragic Reality?

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You’ve heard it before: “Suicides peak around the holidays.” Social media posts begin circulating in late November to implore everyone to look out for signs of depression and despair, and to practice kindness because depression is at its worst in December. Some people theorize that the shorter days around the winter solstice wreak havoc on biological rhythms, and others cite … Read More

Crime Scene Craze: Top 7 Best Crime Scene Investigation Shows Since 1997

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Top 7 Best Crime Scene Investigation Shows Since 1997   Here at Bio Recovery, we take pride in our professionalism and service in crime scene clean up. However, we also have downtime and know how popular and exciting crime scene investigation shows have become. Next time you are flipping channels in hopes of satisfying your crime scene mystery cravings, check … Read More

Can Homeowners Insurance Cover Crime Scene Cleanup? Bio Recovery has Answers After a Tragedy.

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Everything about an unexpected death is hard. There is nothing in human experience that comes close, and it is one that no one is ever prepared for, leaving those who remain with questions so uncommon survivors and victims often don't know who to ask. An unexpected death means an investigation and thus a crime scene and inevitably what these procedures ... Read More

Beyond Crime Scene Cleanup: Bio Recovery Restoration Services

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Bio Recovery is more than just a crime scene cleanup service provider. Commercial and residential property owners rely on our expertise for a variety of jobs that require meticulous attention to detail, up-to-date certification, quick responsiveness, and discretion. Our services include certified, licensed biohazard removal, trauma recovery, and damage restoration services that apply to a wide variety of needs. Water, Smoke and FireWater, ... Read More

5 Tips for Choosing A Crime Scene Cleanup Company

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In the event of a tragedy, you will be mentally, physically and technically ill-equipped to conduct the extensive cleanup efforts required to restore a home or building to a safe, healthy condition. Whether you are a private homeowner or a commercial property owner, a little research now will save you time, money and stress when you are in need of disaster ... Read More

4 Things to Do If You Need Emergency Crime Scene Cleanup

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Violent crimes, tragic road accidents, suicides, and homicides occur on a daily basis in New York. Falling victim of any of these can cause you unbearable psychological torture. It is always advisable to seek help from respectable crime scene cleanup specialists like Bio Recovery in New York rather than try to do it yourself. Working with professional crime scene cleaners … Read More

So you want to become a Crime Scene Cleaner?

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Do you want to become a Crime scene cleaner? Well, your dreams are valid. Crime scene cleanup is an essential career. The world would be uninhabitable without the help of these professionals. Crime scene cleaning is a delicate task and cannot be handled by just anyone. Without these professional technicians, life would be unbearable for suicide, homicide or accident victims. … Read More

Crime Scene Cleanup Do’s and Dont’s

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New York Crime Cleaning

Every crime scene requires thorough cleanup. Crime scene cleaning can be tedious, time-consuming, overwhelming and complicated for untrained people. Therefore, it is imperative to choose your crime scene cleaners carefully. Crime scenes can be unbearable and traumatizing particularly if you are a victim of suicide, homicide, car accident or even a violent crime that results in blood or other body … Read More

5 Reasons why it is wise to hire a professional Blood clean-up specialist

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Most victims of violent crimes, tragic road accidents or suicides become traumatized as a result of bloody scenes. In order to minimize further psychological damages, it is imperative to contact a reputable professional crime cleanup company like Bio Recovery New York to clean up the blood effectively. Blood cleanup should be left to professionals rather than doing it yourself. What’s … Read More