Beyond Crime Scene Cleanup

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Bio Recovery is more than just a crime scene cleanup service provider. Commercial and residential property owners rely on our expertise for a variety of jobs that require meticulous attention to detail, up-to-date certification, quick responsiveness, and discretion.

Our services include certified, licensed biohazard removal, trauma recovery, and damage restoration services that apply to a wide variety of needs.

Water, Smoke and Fire

Water, smoke and fire damage must be treated as soon as possible after an incident to prevent further property damage.  This eliminates the onset of dangerous mold and fungus. Our equipment, experience, and training allow us to extract moisture from walls, subfloors, ductwork and key structural elements, preventing further decay, odors, and health-affecting microbes. Our industrial-grade dehumidifiers and proprietary cleaning solutions meet demanding standards.  Especially insurance companies, and even higher standards of families who want to return to a safe, clean and healthy home.

Hoarding Cleanup

Are you seeking assistance in decluttering your home, or that of a loved one? When you’re ready to take on this emotionally sensitive and physically intimidating task, it helps to have a trusted professional on your side to assist in the process. Our employees are skilled in respectfully handling difficult situations. We’re aware that hoarding behaviors are attached to anxiety. Our goal is to calmly and compassionately empower you to reclaim a healthy, clutter free environment.

Unattended Death

When a person passes away at home, the natural processes of decomposition begin immediately. Often, the decedent remains undiscovered for many days. Without proper removal, even the smallest amounts of bodily fluids can permanently damage surfaces and textiles in a residence.  This causes secondary pest and odor problems that affect the health, integrity, and value of the residence.

Homicide and Suicide

During this traumatic time, you don’t want to be left with the stressful job of cleaning up after the violent death of a family member, intruder or tenant. First responders may have referred our services to you, with advice to seek available financial aid for restoration services through insurance or state and municipal victim assistance funds. They know that dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic incident is no job for anyone untrained and ill-equipped for the task, especially if they’re emotionally connected to the tragedy.

Our clients have repeatedly expressed gratitude for our quick and thorough recovery services. Your home should be your sanctuary of comfort and security in this difficult time. Allow us to erase the physical reminders of what is likely the worst experience of your life so you and your family can heal.

Communicable Diseases

On rare occasions, we are called in to decontaminate structures from exposure to dangerous bacterial or viral disease. Our disinfection techniques rival or surpass those required by medical facilities, ensuring that your property is free of dangerous microbes when our job is complete.

Meth Lab Contamination

The toxic residue associated with drug manufacturing requires specific methods of removal in order for the structure to once again be safe and legally habitable. We are qualified to bring your property back into compliance so that you can rent or sell your investment with confidence that it is safe and insurable.

Tactical and Investigative Damage

Was your property the scene of a tactical operation? Were you the victim of a burglary? If so, you may want to rely on our expertise in removing residue from tear gas or pepper spray. Forensic materials, including fingerprinting compounds and blood detection chemicals can be difficult to locate and remove if you don’t have the experience or equipment. We do. We can also quickly repair damage to property from forced entries and ballistics.  This saves you the hassle of working with additional contractors.

Asbestos & Lead Paint Abatement

You’ve seen the ads for mesothelioma and other asbestos-related health issues. You may live in a city where codes require removal of all asbestos and lead paint prior to undertaking remodeling or demolition. You may want to increase the resale value of your home by certifying that your property is asbestos and lead paint free.

Whether you are seeking compliance, increased resale value or improved safety for your own family, we are qualified to safely remove hazardous materials and surfaces, leaving your property free of dangerous dust and residue.

Blood Removal

Did your baby arrive before you reached the hospital? We can bring your vehicle interior to like-new condition. Did your husband forget to read the safety instructions before trying out his new table saw? We’ve dealt with these situations many times. Our cleaning services pick up where your weekly house cleaning agency rightfully draws the line. Safe and effective blood removal requires appropriate training, techniques, and specialized cleaning products. We’ve got this.

Trust Our Experience

Don’t allow the aftermath of your trauma or disaster to continue to impact the lives of your family. Trust Bio Recovery to step in and handle the details of your property recovery and cleanup while you and your loved ones take care of one another. We will work with your insurance providers and your specific needs to respectfully and professionally ease your transition through this difficult time.