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Do you want to become a crime scene cleaner? Well, your dreams are valid. Crime scene cleanup jobs are an essential career path in today’s world. Our society and communities would be uninhabitable without the help of these professionals. Crime scene cleaning is a delicate task and cannot be handled by just anyone. Without these professional technicians, life would be unbearable for suicide, homicide or accident victims.

What are the requirements of becoming a crime scene cleaner?

  1. Training

Although you do not necessarily need a degree to become a competent crime scene cleanup technician, Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires all interested individuals to complete and pass a blood-borne pathogen training course. This training is very important as it teaches potential crime scene cleaners about everything they need to know about crime scene cleanup. Upon successful completion of this course and passing of all the necessary ABRA approved exams, candidates are awarded relevant certificates.

  1. Integrity

Crime scene cleanup customers are very sensitive, delicate and complicated. The highest percentage of these customers have trust issues when it comes to their safety and personal possessions, you must have high integrity levels in order to win their trust. All cleaners are supposed to be sober-minded, honest, and flexible and customer satisfaction oriented. People don’t take it kindly when they invite you to their homes or offices and you start touching things carelessly. Most reputable crime scene cleaning companies conduct a thorough background check on all their potential employees. A single altercation with the law enforcers can jeopardize your chances of becoming a crime scene cleaner in any State

  1. Compassion

Crime scene cleaning involves the handling of traumatizing circumstances and events. It takes more than the basic training to excel in this profession. All crime scene cleaners are required to be compassionate. It is impossible for any blood cleanup technician to accord the affected victims the right emotional support without compassion. It takes passion and compassion to help those affected by different crimes to overcome their psychological traumas through reassurance. Do you have compassion?

  1. High energy levels

Crime scene cleaning is not ideal for the lazy and faint-hearted individuals. This is a job that requires extensive stamina to succeed. Cleaning a crime scene can be tedious, time-consuming and mentally challenging for any technician. You should have the energy to tackle stubborn and infectious biological or biohazard fluids on walls, car furniture, carpets, floors, ceilings, and basements among other surfaces without complaining. Be prepared to wear your personal protective equipment at all times.

  1. Attentiveness

Attentiveness is vital in this industry. A single error or misjudgment can have catastrophic repercussions for both technicians and crime scene victims. A competent professional pays special attention to all details. Carelessness can result in several health complications, injuries or even death.

  1. Commitment

Some crime scene cleanup companies, such as Bio Recovery in New York operate 24/7. It takes patience, understanding, passion, flexibility and commitment to succeed in this high demanding career working in crime scene cleanup jobs. You should be prepared to report to bloody crime scenes during weird hours without hesitation.

Even though crime scene cleaners don’t get enough acknowledgment and recognition in comparison with other professionals, they play a vital role in our society.

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