Coronavirus Disinfection Kits


For Commercial Coronavirus Disinfection Kits, Call 866-701-9319 While Supplies Last.

Our Commercial Coronavirus Disinfection Kits include all CDC approved cleaning supplies and PPE gear necessary to perform a full disinfecting service of any size facility.

It is recommended to order kits now as supplies are very limited. Ordering a kit guarantees our immediate cleaning services if need be. Price of total cleaning reduced with purchase of a kit.

Disinfection kits can be used by the staff of your own facility if our services are not purchased, and can also be used for general cleanings if there are ultimately no cases of Coronavirus within the facility.

Our COVID-19 cleanup services and kits are intended for both domestic and commercial use.

The Kits


The Cleanup Kit Process

The pre-cleanup is usually completed during a regular business day.

Before the event takes place, there is a cleaning plan in place that will provide for disinfecting the workplace, cleaning any spillage, and ensuring that the cleanup kits have been thoroughly sanitized.

Step1 – The first item of importance is to sanitize any and all equipment on-site, such as cleaning supplies, furniture, and buckets, which is still in the area.

Step 2 – During the cleanup, the included disinfectant should be applied to surfaces that have become contaminated, followed by a thorough sweep. Any areas which were not reached during the cleanup are then disinfected using an included solution.

Step 3 – If there are traces of disinfectants remaining, the area should be rinsed and the remaining solution removed. It is not recommended that employees leave any PPE throughout the cleaning process. Face masks should be worn to prevent airborne infection.

The Post Cleanup Process

After the cleanup process, individuals should wear face masks and wash their hands once leaving the area. It should be worn as long as you are in the immediate area of the cleanup, until given proper time to ventilate.

The Coronavirus Cleanup kit comes complete with a label that contains a list of materials that should be removed from the site, as well as a detailed list of equipment and chemicals to be used during the cleanup.

The kit also includes instructions for cleaning spills and removing footwear, tools, and other hazardous materials.

Kits can be purchased by phone.