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New York Crime Scene Cleanup

When tragedy strikes it is good to know that there are caring individuals ready to help with Cleaning Up an Traumatic Accident or Murder Scene. Bio Recovery is a NY Crime Cleanup Service with well educated technicians who are able to provide assistance with unpleasant trauma scenes including Homicide Cleanup and Suicide Cleanup. We are a highly respected company that provides a necessary service for grieving New York families.

Murder Scene Cleanup Technicians

In the NYC Crime Scene Service business there is no such thing as an ordinary day on the job. Field technicians at Bio Recovery must be able and willing to handle the cleanup of a murder scene where innocent victims are involved. We take a scientific approach for cleaning up Potentially Infectious Materials like blood and other body fluids. When handing these Biohazard Materials, federal, state and local protocols are followed to protect public safety.

Scene of a Homicide Cleanup

Just because you cannot always see pools of blood or large amounts of blood splatter does not mean that the danger isn’t present. Strong Odors indicate the presence of bacteria. There is also significant concern for inhaling diseases while taking care of a Homicide Cleanup. Personal protective equipment is worn to protect against exposure to biohazards that can cause a life changing illness.

Removing Contaminated Materials

Often demolition is a part of the Crime Cleaning Service. Whenever a large amount of blood has spilled or body decomposition has begun the damage can easily spread to furnishings and flooring. Technicians at Bio Recovery may have remove a large amount of materials that have been in contact with biological waste.

  • Drywall that has been contaminated with blood splatter
  • Carpeting soaked with blood or bodily fluids
  • Furniture contaminated with biohazard materials
  • Blood stained window coverings
  • Subfloor beneath an area where body decomposition has started
  • Rotten food in neglected refrigerators
  • Animal feces at scenes where a pet has been left behind

NYC Professional Crime Cleaning Service

Bio Recovery provides a service for New York City residents who have been left to deal with the after effects of a Murder Scene. The job of homicide cleanup often falls on the shoulders of grieving families. A reputable NY Crime Cleanup Service like Bio Recovery helps you deal with the physical mess so that you can better deal with the emotional impact of the crime.

NYC residents should contact Bio Recovery for Crime Scene Cleanup Services. Call Us at 1-888-752-5001 or fill out our Online Form.