Decontaminating And Cleaning Your Ambulance Fleet

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Decontaminate And Clean Your Ambulance Fleet

Sometimes, first responders need first responders. While we may not be a part of the “thin blue line” (or, in the case of paramedics and EMTs, the “thin red line”) biohazard cleaning companies are always at the ready to provide relief to those saddled with the task of cleaning up blood spills and other biohazard contaminants after a crisis.

Decontaminate And Clean Your Ambulance Fleet

Your ambulance crews clean up all traces of body fluids and waste solids from their units in between every call. Often, the worst ambulance cleanup tasks occur at the end of an extraordinarily grueling shift; after all, don’t the worst calls always happen a five minutes before a shift change?

While your EMS staff have training in biohazard sanitation and work diligently to keep their units and equipment clean, some scenarios present the need for decontaminating and cleaning an ambulance using cleaning solutions and steps that supersede standard end-of-shift or weekly cleaning protocols. Or perhaps you’re short-staffed and your teams have given everything they’ve got over three-day shifts, and you want to help them out.

Bio Recovery can step up when you need the next level in ambulance decontamination.

Why use Bio Recovery for ambulance sanitation?

Your EMS personnel uses CDC-recommended ambulance deep-clean checklists to keep their vehicles and equipment pathogen-free. At Bio Recovery, we adhere to our own stringent protocols, designed to meet or exceed OSHA, CDC, and EPA standards.

We extensively train our technicians so they know how to clean inside emergency vehicles—including police cars, ambulances, and air transport—using procedures developed in partnership with our clients to ensure the safety of first responders and patients while remaining in compliance with industry-specific requirements.

Here’s how a partnership with Bio Recovery can help your agency better serve your community and protect your employees:

Relief services

Your EMS teams go above and beyond on every shift. Sometimes, however, a particular call requires over-the-top physical, technical, and psychological effort. When your staff and units come back to base the worse for wear, you can allow your staff to look over their own well-being while we handle ambulance sanitization.

Pathogen-appropriate, non-toxic cleaning solutions

The more we learn about bacteria and viruses, the more we realize that there’s no “one size fits all” approach to neutralizing them. We use compounds and techniques recommended by the CDC, opting for effective, non-toxic solutions whenever it’s an appropriate option.

We understand that certain pathogens quickly lose their viability outside the human body, but we’re also quite aware that some of the most dangerous pathogens, whether airborne or spread through surface contact, have long latency periods—and manage to contaminate the most unexpected areas of enclosed spaces. This can be the case from any situation from cleaning up after a small cut, to a full on mass shooting cleanup job.

Bio Recovery applies the same diligence to ambulance decontamination projects as we do to fully-equipped, multi-acre industrial production facilities.

Ebola outbreak response

Ebola. That’s the virus most-feared by first responders and emergency health professionals. During an Ebola outbreak, your crews will be in the field for long periods of time, doing the jobs for which they’ve trained, studied, and drilled. Ours teams will be out there, too. Bio Recovery technicians are prepared to respond to and remediate Ebola contamination according to CDC-defined standard operating procedures. This allows for optimal use of turnaround time, providing rest for your teams and reassurance that the units are thoroughly sanitized and ready to return to duty.

Chemical contamination

How often have your EMS personnel had to transport a patient saturated with noxious substances? Sometimes, odors and chemicals can permeate your vehicles to the point at which you need to bring in next-level cleaning services. We can be on standby the next time your teams respond to hazmat spills, methamphetamine-contaminated premises, and incidents in which tear gas or OC spray are deployed.

Routine deep-cleaning

Enhance your current cleaning schedule with monthly or quarterly tear-down inspections and sanitizations. Bio Recovery can help you create a plan and develop a schedule for routine decontamination calls, ensuring your company exceeds compliance requirements and maintains the highest reputation for safety and service.

The sooner Bio Recovery rolls up, the sooner your units can roll out

Our Bio Recovery crews help law enforcement agencies, ambulance companies, and emergency medical facilities clean up after trauma has left behind more than their busy personnel has time to handle. Your EMS teams take care of all of us; let us help take care of them through our scheduled and emergency ambulance sanitization services. Contact us today to find out how we can provide them with the backup you deserve.