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NJ Flood CleanupIn New Jersey, the spring season often brings large amounts of rain across what is known as the garden state. At times, the rain can be so drastic that some areas begin to flood. In an instant, roads can overflow with rainwater causing wrecks, hydroplaning, and other damage to vehicles, as well as homes. As much as we try to rely on the local meteorologist, weather sometimes is too unpredictable for even the most knowledgeable individuals to be able to track a storm. These heavy rains can cause flood damage to homes and buildings across the region. If your home or business has recently incurred flood damage, Bio Recovery can help get the area back to working order. Piles of towels is not enough to get rid of the excess water, so let our staff handle the task at hand.

Flood Remediation Services

As soon as you notice that your home or business has water damage from a recent flood, it is vital that you contact our professional flood cleanup team as soon as possible. The longer the water invades your residence, the more likely damage will occur. By contacting our water damage cleanup team quickly, you have a greater chance at keeping the flood remediation expenses at a minimum. Not only can flood water have an impact on the structure of your home or building, mold and mildew can also develop within the location, adding a health issue as well. No matter if you are looking for residential remediation or commercial remediation, Bio Recovery can handle the damage.

Insurance Covered Flood Damage Repair

One of the most frequent reasons that homeowner’s insurance is used comes from flood damage. Of course, every insurance policy is differs but there is a good chance our services are covered. It is important that you notify the professional cleanup team at Bio Recovery as soon as possible so that the insurance company can see you are putting forth a good faith effort to get the damage rectified. Don’t let a delay in notifying our staff be the reason that your insurance does not want to cover the remediation expenses. Instead, be proactive and catch the damage before it gets worse.

So, if you own a home or office in New Jersey that needs flood remediation services, Bio Recovery can help! Give us a call today at 1-888-752-5001 to learn more about our residential and commercial restorative services. We are available 24/7/365, so take control of the flood damage before it takes a hold of you first!