Hazmat Cleanup

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Hazardous material, or Hazmat cleanup, occurs when harmful biological or chemical contaminants are posing severe risks to people who are in the area of the materials. 

Biohazard cleanup can include areas that have been contaminated by:

  • Asbestos
  • Lead
  • Dangerous Chemicals
  • Trauma Scene Cleanup
  • Tear Gas
  • Biological Waste
  • Chemical Spills
  • Sewage Backups
  • Animal Waste
  • Blood
  • Other materials that have been labeled hazardous by OSHA or other health regulation organizations

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The Role Of A Hazmat Cleanup Company

When a dangerous material cleanup occurs, you will need skilled professionals to provide you with safe and effective removal of biohazardous waste.

Should a novice attempt to clean up biohazard waste, he or she may not be unaware that they need the following hazmat cleanup supplies:

  • Chemical spill boots
  • Disposable non-porous gloves
  • Protective suits
  • Filtered respirators
  • Access to specialized hazardous waste containers (heavy-duty bags, along with plastic boxes that can be properly sealed
  • Disposable buckets, clothing covers, mops, and sponges
  • Plenty of peroxide and bleach
  • A fogger machine for industrial-strength deodorizers
  • Solvents used to disinfect and re-liquefy dried blood
  • Shovels to move bodily fluids that have coagulated into appropriate bags
  • Putty knives to remove organic material from hard surfaces
  • Razor blades or box cutters to remove saturated carpeting or upholstery
  • Long-reach cleaning brushes and ladders to reach high walls and ceilings

Hazmat cleaners are required to keep their vaccinations up-to-date to fight against infections such as COVID-19 and Hepatitis B. Professional hazmat cleaners often use a camera to take before and after photos of the cleanup area for insurance purposes.

Blood Spill Cleanup

When blood-borne pathogens, tissues, or bodily fluids must be cleaned and removed, the materials need to be contained, removed, and disposed of accurately.

The scene must be decontaminated, disinfected, and cleaned for the safety of all who are currently in the space or will be in the area. This type of biohazard takes place when a crime, accident, death, or suicide occurs.

Hazardous Waste Cleanup

Often, when hazardous chemical or biological contaminants are uncontained, hazmat cleaning must occur. In most cases, it is prudent to call on professional hazmat cleanup technicians to remove the waste under OSHA and public health regulations.hazmat cleanup Green biohazard cleaning symbol

Chemical Cleanup

According to the American Chemical Society (ACS), all hazmat remediation is different. However, the necessity of using professionals to respond to a chemical spill cannot be more critical.

From planning how to clean the spill to using the proper equipment, professionals like those at Bio Recovery will reduce costs that exist due to injury, dollars, job security, pollution, and pride.

The ACS suggests that:

  • If a hazard occurs, use trained hazardous spill responders and do not downplay the seriousness of the spill.
  • The people who use the chemicals need to determine the hazard level of all chemicals used.

Chemical properties of most concern include:

  • High toxicity
  • Flammability
  • Corrosion
  • Reactivity to water or air

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Vetting Hazmat Cleanup Companies

When you choose the biohazard company you need for a hazardous material cleaning, keep this checklist in mind:

  • Be sure that the biohazard company you pick eliminates, rather than merely deodorizing, the source of offensive odors.
  • Know that the company is going to remove and dispose of permanently contaminated materials.
  • Ascertain whether or not the company will clean and disinfect the car, boat, RV, or fleet vehicle to ensure they can be titled a “biohazard vehicle.”

Once a professional team cleans the vehicle, the establishment, or the home, you will know with assurance that the surfaces are clean through and through.

Innovations in Hazmat Cleanup: Enhancing Safety and Efficiency

At Bio Recovery, we’re committed to leveraging the latest advancements in hazmat cleanup technology to ensure the safety, efficiency, and environmental protection of our operations.

Our team employs cutting-edge cleaning agents, safety equipment, and cleanup techniques designed to tackle hazardous materials more effectively.

From non-toxic, biodegradable solvents that minimize environmental impact to advanced personal protective equipment that ensures the safety of our staff and clients, we’re at the forefront of innovation.

This dedication to technological advancement not only improves our cleanup outcomes but also reflects our commitment to providing top-tier services, ultimately exceeding current industry standards.

Hazmat Cleanup Cost

Hazmat Cleanup CostWhen potential clients call our offices, they usually have one question in mind. They wonder who pays for the cleanup. These are the steps that typically follow:

  • We ask questions about the condition of the property and the nature of the event.
  • We come up with a preliminary estimate based on our years of experience in hazmat cleanups.
  • Our team likes to take a look at the scene to determine the damage that the untrained eye may not see.
  • We will explain that estimates depend on issues such as:
  1. Is the property a scene of a death or suicide?
  2. How much time passed between the event and the discovery of the traumatic incident?
  3. Is the job based on an industrial accident?
  4. Are the hazards non-traumatic pathogenic contaminants?
  5. What equipment, vehicles, dumpsters, and materials will we need to complete the cleanup?

All these variants play into the final cost of the job.

Many times, insurance companies will pay the bill for biohazard cleanup. At Bio Recovery, we will work with the claims department on your behalf. We can help you navigate the waters if you prefer to take that route.

If you are a tenant, it is the responsibility of your landlord’s property insurance to pay for the damage, or at least pay the part your renter’s insurance does not pay.

We can also help with Victims’ Assistance Funds.

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Thomas Gray
Thomas Gray
I contracted the services of BioRecovery for a Biohazard clean-up in my home. From Alex, the lead on the cleanup team, to Jessica, who coordinated with the insurance company, everything was done top-notch. The team worked clean and quickly to remove all the damaged property and Jessica was instrumental in getting my insurance company to cover the replacement of the items which were damaged. Just as important, as promised, they accomplished everything within the financial limits set by my insurance company. There were no additional bills. This is the company to use, if you are ever in need of a biohazard clean-up.
Jysseca Gohn
Jysseca Gohn
The technician, Justin Penn, was helpful, polite and respectful. Made this part of the process so much easier for everyone. Would recommend services to others in need.
Joshua Gohn
Joshua Gohn
Quick service, very respectful, and the service tech (Justin Penn) had a great understanding of what he was doing and how to help me. I was in a very dark place and this company felt like a light in the dark. Thank you so much for a job well done.
Carolyn Wells
Carolyn Wells
This team was an absolute God send to my family on one of the darkest days of our lives. They are professional yet compassionate, friendly, easy to talk to, answers any questions you need and just truly have a heart of caring. It’s more than a job. I feel that it’s a ministry. They were helpful in so many ways. Thank you so much, David and Brandy for what you do. God bless you.
Jacqueline Frangoulis
Jacqueline Frangoulis
Wonderful company! Would definitely recommend!
Nancy Marksteiner
Nancy Marksteiner
Highly recommend this company! Excellent service and compassionate employees which was so needed during this difficult time
Amazing people in the office. Very professional and helpful techs during hard time. I would definitely recommend.
Alex Nadolnik
Alex Nadolnik
Great company from the office to the techs. Very discreet, and professional during a difficult situation. Thank you again to the whole team.
Kevin Marksteiner
Kevin Marksteiner
Very helpful with the clean up!! Very attentive and compassionate to my needs. Couldn’t say enough good things about this company! Aces!!

FAQs for Hazmat Cleanup

What is hazmat cleanup, and when is it required?

Answer: Hazmat cleanup involves the removal, decontamination, and proper disposal of hazardous materials that pose a risk to human health or the environment. It is required in situations involving chemical spills, biological contaminants, toxic substances, radioactive materials, and other dangerous pollutants. Hazmat cleanup is essential after industrial accidents, natural disasters, chemical spills, and any incident involving hazardous substances.

Can I handle hazmat cleanup myself, or do I need to hire professionals?

Answer: Hazmat cleanup should always be performed by trained and certified professionals. Handling hazardous materials without proper training, protective equipment, and knowledge can be extremely dangerous and may lead to serious health risks, environmental damage, and legal consequences. Professional hazmat cleanup teams follow strict safety protocols and regulations to ensure thorough decontamination and safe disposal of hazardous materials.

How do I know if my property has been properly decontaminated after a hazmat incident?

Answer: After a hazmat cleanup, professional remediation companies conduct thorough inspections and testing to ensure that all hazardous materials have been effectively removed and that the area is safe for reoccupation. They provide detailed reports and documentation of the cleanup process, including the methods used and the results of any environmental testing. It’s important to review these reports and, if necessary, request additional testing to confirm complete decontamination.