How Much Does Crime Scene Cleanup Cost?

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  • How Much Does Crime Scene Cleanup Cost?

  • Suicides, Unattended Deaths, & Trauma Scene Cleaning

  • Unattended Death vs Trauma Scenes

  • Factors That Affect Biohazard Cleanup Costs

Crime Scene Clean Up Personnel

The cost of a crime scene cleanup can vary wildly. There is a legal process involved, so the crew must be certified. The staff must examine the space and do a meticulous cleaning and disinfecting job, all while maintaining a professional attitude.

Due to the diverse nature of the field, it is tough to give a price range on a situation without knowledge of the many factors at play. Still, in this post we'll try to explain exactly what goes into determining the cost of a cleanup.

Suicides, Unattended Deaths & Trauma Scene Cleaning

Again, there's no soft way to explain this. Suicide shooting situations, unattended accidental deaths, and trauma scenes can be wretched to behold.

Do you remember the movie Pulp Fiction? The stars were forced to clean up blood and cranial matter after an accidental shooting in the car. Luckily for Vincent Vega and Jules, The Wolf was quick to the scene to help with the cleanup. And the vehicle ended up in the crusher.

  • In reality, we cannot call upon The Wolf or have a crime scene crushed and forgotten.
  • Body fluids, blood, and biological solids find their way into all kinds of nooks and crannies.
  • Any space needs to be examined thoroughly before being cleaned and then fully disinfected.

Otherwise, families and tenants re-live the trauma again when they discover a chunk of skull, see a wicking bloodstain come up through a carpet, or smell that lingering foul odor of death.

Sometimes, unattended deaths can be a simpler clean-up. If a person fell in a bathroom and struck their head, they might pass away there to be found within a few days. A majority of the process would be removing the body and meticulously disinfecting the area.

Bathrooms are made for easy disinfection. Carpeted rooms, soft furniture, and drapes, on the other hand, require another level of care.

Trauma scenes are usually much more, well, traumatic. Law enforcement does a pretty good job of cataloging stains and removing body parts. But there is always body matter left. It's a hazardous material, and it stinks.

Mother Nature gets to work immediately. Within 24 hours a body will begin to show signs (and smells) of decomposition. Within days there is leakage that can destroy property. The human body is a bag of fluids, after all.

Factors That Affect Biohazard Cleanup Costs

Sadly, not everyone dies quietly in their bed at 95. Sometimes people die accidentally in their homes and aren't found until the smell alerts the neighbors.

For this cleaner, the worst case was a 350 lb gent who had somehow lodged himself in the overhead compartment of his Winnebago and had a heart attack in there, only to be found some weeks later when friends became concerned that he never came home from vacation.

It was a hot summer. He had taken his camper up into the cool mountains to escape the heat — what a mess.

Outside Factors Affect Cleanup Costs

Your quote for crime scene cleanup will consider factors like:

  • The type and size of the area that needs to be cleaned — is there carpet?
  • How the accident occurred — are there other hazards around?
  • The level of damage or amount of material to clean
  • The length of time the scene was unattended
  • The condition of the home
  • The costs of specialty supplies, including hazmat PPE that must be disposed of in a compliant manner

Crime Scene & Trauma Death Cleanup Is Not Simple

If done incorrectly, family members or others will be faced with new emotional traumas, as well as serious health hazards. That's why many families and landlords prefer to hire the professionals at Bio Recovery.

The good news is that many homeowner's insurance policies and landlord protector policies will cover the costs of property clean up after a traumatic death or accidental shooting.

We work with every property insurer, and we can provide you with an accurate quote to help you file your claim for cleanup costs.

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