Biohazard Cleanup Lafayette, LA

Our 24/7 emergency response ensures that your crime scene cleanup needs are met swiftly and efficiently, restoring safety and peace of mind.
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Immediate Response, Compassionate Care

Our team is ready 24/7 to handle any biohazard needs with utmost sensitivity and professionalism.
Servicing Louisiana

Crime Scene Cleanup Lafayette

At Bio Recovery, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive death cleanup services to the residents and businesses of Lafayette and its surrounding areas.

Our experienced team is trained to handle a wide range of biohazard situations, including crime scenes, trauma scenes, unattended deaths, and more. We use industry-leading techniques and equipment to ensure that the affected area is thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and restored to a safe condition.

Lafayette is the fourth-largest city in Louisiana, known for its Cajun and Creole culture, delicious cuisine, and lively music scene. With a population of approximately 126,000 residents, Lafayette offers a blend of urban amenities and southern charm.

Here's a full list of the services we offer: Emergency Cleaning Services

Biohazard Cleanup
Effective biohazard cleanup requires experience, the right equipment, cleaning compounds, and a field-tested action plan customized to each situation.
After Death Cleaning
Body decomposition, though natural, is very hazardous to anyone in or around the area when and even after it has occurred.
Disease Decontamination
Viruses such as C. Diff, Hepatitis, Influenzas, HIV, Herpes, and Polio are all highly infectious, potentially fatal, and require special disinfection procedures. Disinfecting these viruses requires following special cleaning procedures outlined by the CDC.
Hoarding Cleanup
Our specialists don’t just throw your belongings out to the curb, we find a place for unwanted belongings. Whether it’s in your home, business, or someone’s property that you have ownership of, we can schedule a professional clean up at any location.
Simple, Efficient, and Insurance-Friendly

Easy 3-Step Biohazard Cleanup Process


Contact Us

Reach out to our team 24/7 for immediate assistance. We'll assess the situation and provide a free estimate.

Approval and Cleanup

Once you approve the estimate, we'll begin the cleanup process using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.

Direct Insurance Billing

We work directly with insurance companies to streamline the billing process, ensuring that most cleanups are covered.
Serving Lafayette and Surrounding Areas

Service Areas in Lafayette, LA

Bio Recovery proudly offers biohazard cleanup services throughout Lafayette, including its neighborhoods, counties, and surrounding areas.

Areas we serve in Lafayette, LA:

  • Lafayette Parish
  • Acadiana
  • Carencro
  • Scott
  • Broussard
  • Youngsville
  • Duson
  • Milton
Extending Our Reach Beyond Lafayette

Nearby Cities and States We Serve

In addition to serving Lafayette and its surrounding areas, Bio Recovery also provides biohazard cleanup services to nearby cities and states. Our experienced team is ready to assist you wherever you are.

For service information for the rest of Louisiana, click here: Crime Scene Cleanup Louisiana

Restore Safety and Peace

Contact us now for professional biohazard cleanup and reclaim the comfort of your home.
Trust Our Expertise and Experience

Why Choose Bio Recovery?

With over 25 years of experience, Bio Recovery is a trusted leader in biohazard cleanup services. Our team is highly trained and certified to handle a wide range of cleanup situations, ensuring that your property is restored to a safe and sanitary condition.

When you choose Bio Recovery, you can rest assured that you are working with a company that is committed to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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Hear from Our Customers

Client Reviews

See what our clients have to say about their experiences with Bio Recovery. These reviews are directly from Google, showcasing our commitment to providing top-notch biohazard cleanup services and customer care.
Margaret L.

"This has been a very difficult time for my family. But, David was very patient with our emotions and answered all of our questions. David and Brandi worked very hard and for many hours. I don’t know what we would’ve done without them in this tragic time in our lives. Thank you so much for helping our family and other families who need your business for help."

Dayna L.
"David and Brandi are heroes. Their compassion for helping others is honestly difficult to put words to. I’m not sure what we would have done without them. They were a bright light in a dark time and we will always be grateful to have crossed paths with them."
Tara W.
"Very kind & polite and they do walk you through everything in the house. They were very thorough doing their job without any problems very professional. I would highly recommend them for anybody that might have a problem. David Ortiz and Brandi Battenfield Are the ones that did my house they had such a great personality and it made it very easy to talk to them thank you guys so much."
A Closer Look at Our Work

Our Experiences in Lafayette, LA

Lafayette, LA, has been a significant area of focus for Bio Recovery, where we have handled a variety of biohazard cleanup situations with care and professionalism. From residential homes to commercial properties, our team has been dedicated to restoring safety and peace of mind to the community.

Cleaning a Home in Lafayette, LA:

One memorable case involved a residential home in Lafayette where we were called to clean up after a traumatic event. Our team arrived promptly, assessed the situation, and meticulously cleaned and sanitized the affected areas. We worked discreetly and compassionately, ensuring that the family could return to a safe and livable environment as soon as possible.

Biohazard Cleanup for Hotels in Lafayette:

In another instance, we were tasked with cleaning a hotel room in Lafayette that had been affected by a biohazard incident. The hotel owner needed a quick, thorough and discrete cleanup to minimize disruption to their business. Our team worked efficiently, adhering to strict safety protocols, and completed the cleanup with minimal downtime for the business.

We service all types of locations, including:

  • Homes
  • Vehicles
  • Apartments
  • Hotels
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
Stay Connected with Your Community

Lafayette, LA Community Links

Explore Lafayette, LA, with these local links to community news, events, weather, and more. Stay informed and engaged with your city's resources and happenings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is biohazard cleanup covered by insurance?

Yes, in most cases, biohazard cleanup is covered by insurance. We work directly with insurance companies to streamline the billing process, ensuring that our clients can focus on recovery.

How quickly can you respond to a biohazard cleanup request in Lafayette, LA?

We understand the urgency of biohazard situations and strive to respond to all cleanup requests in Lafayette and its surrounding areas promptly. Our team is available 24/7 to provide immediate assistance.

What types of biohazard situations do you handle?

We handle a wide range of biohazard situations, including crime scenes, trauma scenes, unattended deaths, hoarding cleanup, and more. Our team is trained and equipped to handle these situations with professionalism and compassion.

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Restoring Safety and Peace of Mind

Biohazard Cleaning in Lafayette

Bio Recovery is proud to serve the Lafayette, LA community with our professional biohazard cleanup services. Over the years, we have built a reputation for excellence, providing prompt, thorough, and compassionate cleanup services to our clients in Lafayette and its surrounding areas.

Continued Commitment: Our commitment to excellence extends beyond just cleaning up biohazards. We are dedicated to restoring safety and peace of mind to our clients, helping them navigate through challenging situations with care and compassion. Whether it's a residential home, commercial property, or vehicle, we are here to provide the highest level of service.

Contact Us Today: If you are in need of biohazard cleanup services in Lafayette, LA, don't hesitate to contact Bio Recovery. Our experienced team is available 24/7 to provide immediate assistance and restore your property to a safe and sanitary condition.