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Meth Manufacturing Decontamination IndianaIn 2014, there were over 1,416 meth lab incidents in the state of Indiana. This means that at least 1,416 lives and properties have been torn upside down. This does not include the neighbors, friends, and families that may be living in the home or near the home of someone who created a meth lab. Once someone has created an area to cook meth or other drugs, health risks can remain present for years after. Many states now require legal testing for an area that has been previously known to have cooked meth. For safety and health reasons, if you are responsible for, living, or occupying a place that has been known to cook meth, it’s important that you call a professional meth manufacturing cleanup crew! At Bio Recovery, we offer drug lab cleaning as well as professional meth lab testing and decontamination services. If you live in Vanderburgh county or Evansville, IN, it’s important that you call us right away!

The Risks of Meth Manufacturing

Meth labs are considered a hazardous waste site. They can fill an entire property, from ceiling to floors, with poisons that can be harmful to your health. Migraines, skin reactions, chemical poisonings, respiratory problems, and even death, can all be effects of living near a meth lab. This doesn’t even include the increased risk of explosions and fire! For this reason, no one should come into physical contact with the site until we can decontaminate the entire area!

Professional Decontamination will Eliminate the Risks

Because you can’t always see the meth in the air, all areas in and around the home or apartment must be tested. Our meth manufacturing cleanup crew does a thorough indoor evaluation using air testing, corrosion testing, and methamphetamine testing. Samples are obtained and sent to the lab as well as drawn out documentation. During drug lab cleaning, we also perform an outdoor evaluation with a visual inspection, field screening and documentation. If well water is being used, we take samples of that as well.

Experts in Meth Lab Cleanup

At Bio Recovery, we provide all of the labor, equipment and technical expertise to ensure a thorough meth manufacturing cleanup. Our drug lab cleaning professionals are highly trained and ready to perform any decontamination services necessary to get your property back into working order. If you live in Vanderburgh County or Evansville, IN and need meth lab decontamination services, call us today at 1-888-752-5001. Our meth lab cleaning contractor is ready to test and treat your property today!