Pet Urine Removers for Wood Floors

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  • Pet Urine Cleaners for Wood Floors

  • 3 Professional Cleaners to Remove Pet Urine Odors from Wood Floors

  • Trust a Top-Rated Biohazard Cleanup Company for Pet Urine Stain Removal

If you’re here, you should already know it is important to check and remove pet urine properly, especially since the smell can return long after you think you’ve removed all traces of pet urine.

You’re now ready to move to the next step in pet urine removal: familiarizing yourself with the right kinds of chemicals for hardwood floors. Let’s get started!

You might have tried other solutions already. We've heard them all - from apple cider vinegar to hydrogen peroxide. When pet pee is deeply embedded in the wood, these standard household materials aren't going to get the job done.

You need professional-level products, many of them enzyme-based. We'll cover chemicals and help you choose a trustworthy biohazard cleanup company, too — because removing pet urine is a challenge.

3 Professional Cleaners to Remove Pet Urine Odors from Wood Floors

First, we must point out that deeply saturated pet urine stains in fiberboard or porous wood might not be removable. You can try these products, but you might need to replace a section of the subfloor if the pet was a long-time repeat offender.


Per the manufacturer's website, Super Concentrated Odor Eliminator (SCOE 10X) takes a different approach and uses probiotics to eliminate biological odors like pet urine permanently. It tackles the urine itself, the odor-producing bacteria, and all odor molecules present. Check out their website. They have a very compelling video!

Bac-Out Natural Enzymatic Cleaner

If you're particularly green-minded, you'll prefer Bac-Out. The manufacturer claims it can permanently and safely tackle tough pet urine odors, and it's available in scented and unscented versions.

Buyers should always be wary of any aromatic product, though. You need to remove the pet urine odor, not cover it up with perfume.


A well-known product in the commercial real estate industry, KILZ is more of a primer product. It doesn't treat the urine per se but seals it under a layer of primer.

If you're looking for a fast answer for an income property, KILZ is available at most big-box DIY stores like Home Depot, Lowe's, and the like. It does an excellent job of sealing away the odor from a human nose, and it's affordable.

If you're moving into a home — especially if you're bringing a pet who will be eager to mark new territory — or if you feel uneasy when you think about walking around on gross pet urine for the next ten years, KILZ might not be the right product for the job.

In that case, you should contact a biohazard cleanup company, like the team at Bio Recovery.

Trust a Top-Rated Biohazard Cleanup Company for Pet Urine Stain Removal

When biological odors strike, you can't count on a local handyman or maintenance staff to get the job done. And we're not blaming them.

As we mentioned in our earlier article, pet odors are tricky, smells can wick up from a floor into a brand-new pad and carpet and permeate your soft surfaces like furniture and drapery. They can sink so deeply through soft material that they stain hard surfaces, like wood. Left untreated, these odors remain and need specialized cleaning to remove.

It's the sort of thing that drives good tenants away and reduces the likelihood of a renewed lease. You're better off contacting a professional biohazard cleanup crew.

How can you tell if a bio-cleanup company is good? We're glad you asked!

  • First, ask them about licensing and look up their license numbers. Perform your due diligence and make sure they're correctly licensed in your state.
  • Then, ask them about their experience. Do they have any before-and-after photos or client testimonials you can check out?
  • Ask them about the types of chemicals they plan on using and a target date for completion.

Finally, talk about pricing. As with all else in life, sometimes you get what you pay for. You should expect to pay a reasonable price, but this isn't a situation about which to be frugal.

Pet urine is tricky, and sometimes you're better off spending a bit more so the job is done right the first time. Otherwise, you'll be ripping up that carpet and pad again when the weather gets hot and muggy.

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