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Fingerprint Dust Removal & Cleanup

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Fingerprint powder removal is often needed after law enforcement has concluded their investigation into a crime scene, burglary, etc.  Powder, dusting, and dust are just a few terms used in the industry which onsite crews will leave behind.

Fingerprint powders are used in dusting for fingerprints by crime scene investigators and others in law enforcement. Dusting for fingerprints has several specific methods for use, but its primary job is to have the substance adhere to residue left by traction from ridge skin on the fingers, palms, or feet.

Crime scene dust is made with a black graphite powder that is kept very dry. It certainly spreads faster than a person can clean it.  Experienced personnel are on staff at Bio Recovery to deal with this cleanup nuisance.

One of the most overlooked and pesky cleanup processes at a crime scene is fingerprint dust.  It is known for being difficult to remove and requires specific chemicals and agents to clean.

Bio Recovery has more than 15 years experience in the remediation of any and all chemicals leftover at a crime scene. Questions regarding this type of cleanup? Feel free to call us at 1-888-752-5001.

“A Person’s Story & Cleanup Frustration”

Here is a story that was recently shared on a message board recently.  It describes a person’s frustration when trying to clean up dust without professional help.

“Our house was burglarized last week, and police dusted for fingerprints. I was grateful, but the dust is remarkably hard to clean up.

It’s like, if you wet one speck of the dust it turns into a bottle of India ink. Sections of floors and counters are black, prescription bottles are black (they took some prescription drugs), doorknobs, carpets, furniture I put my black feet up on before noticing. My shower’s black where I washed most of the powder off my feet.

We’ve tried a couple commercial cleaners we had around, and the worst is gone, but there’s still a LOT left. Does anyone have any experience with something that effectively cleans up this black dust?” User

Unfortunately, this narrative plays out thousands of times a year in households and businesses throughout the country.  In addition, people are at a loss for who to call when this happens.

In conclusion, Bio Recovery has immediate response crews on call.  We properly rid fingerprint powder from small to large businesses and residential service needs.

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