Fingerprint Powder Removal

Fingerprint powder removal is often needed after law enforcement has concluded their investigation into a crime scene, burglary, etc. If you are in need of fingerprint powder removal please call our nationwide service hotline today.


Powder, dusting, and dust are just a few terms used in the industry which onsite crews will leave behind. Fingerprint powders are used in dusting for fingerprints by crime scene investigators and others in law enforcement. Dusting for fingerprints has several specific methods for use, but its primary job is to have the substance adhere to residue left by traction from ridge skin on the fingers, palms, or feet.

One of the most overlooked and pesky cleanup processes at a crime scene is fingerprint dust.  It is known for being difficult to remove and requires specific chemicals and agents to clean.

Bio Recovery has more than 15 years experience in the remediation of any and all chemicals leftover at a crime scene. Questions regarding this type of cleanup? Feel free to call us at 1-888-752-5001.

What is used to dust crime scenes?

There are several types of fingerprint powder dust. The most common type we see is black graphite powder that is kept very dry and therefore very difficult to remove. It also spreads fast when someone inexperienced tries to clean it. Experienced personnel on staff at Bio Recovery is trained to clean this nuisance in addition to several other types of fingerprinting powders.

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Leave Fingerprint Powder Removal to Us

Fingerprint dust is not so simple to remove. Although it may appear like flour or black play sand, it is chemically engineered to bind to the secretions left behind by our fingerprints and hands. It's also so extremely fine and sticky that it's easy to miss--and therefore difficult to vacuum. Unfortunately, that also means it's easy to spread unknowingly, even more so of a reason why you should call us immediately. The longer you unknowingly spread the dust, the larger scale the cleanup will have to be.

Fingerprint powder is used at a crime scene, which implies the presence of other biohazardous substances. A professional fingerprint dust cleanup company like Bio Recovery can assess the full scope of the area, including anything else present that should be removed but you were unaware of.

Here is a story that was recently shared on an online forum recently. It describes a person’s frustration when trying to clean up dust without professional help.

“Our house was burglarized last week, and police dusted for fingerprints. I was grateful, but the dust is remarkably hard to clean up.

It’s like, if you wet one speck of the dust it turns into a bottle of India ink. Sections of floors and counters are black, prescription bottles are black (they took some prescription drugs), doorknobs, carpets, furniture I put my black feet up on before noticing. My shower’s black where I washed most of the powder off my feet.

We’ve tried a couple commercial cleaners we had around, and the worst is gone, but there’s still a LOT left. Does anyone have any experience with something that effectively cleans up this black dust?”

Unfortunately, this narrative plays out thousands of times a year in households and businesses throughout the country. In addition, people are at a loss for who to call when this happens.

Bio Recovery has immediate response crews on call. We properly rid fingerprint powder from small to large businesses and residential service needs. Don't put yourself through this.

Who We Are

Bio Recovery is a top-rated fully licensed cleanup company specializing in removing biohazards such as blood, black fingerprint dust, and even tear gas from cars, carpets, clothes, floors, and more. We have over two decades of experience and take care of scenes in all scopes and sizes. Our mission is to restore the health and safety of the entire public.

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How To Clean Fingerprint Powder: Our Process

We understand you want a company that is open about our process over the phone and online.  After all, we exist to restore the sanctity of public health. That also means protecting your own in the process. We use hospital grade, non toxic, non allergenic sprays and supplies.

We're not only proud to provide information on our effective cleaning process, comprised from over 20 years of experience, but we are also sensitive of your property and privacy during one of the most difficult times in your life.

Don't worry about the billing or cost to pay out of pocket. As long as you have property/homeowner/renter's insurance it's extremely rare you'll have to pay anything out of pocket.  You don't even have to file the claim yourself: a part of our services includes us submitting the claim on your behalf, this way you can focus on yourself during this difficult time.

That's why, when you call, you can expect us to collect your home insurance policy information, such as policyholder name, the address the incident occurred at, and the policy number.

If you don't know or have this information on hand, or maybe think maybe your landlord has insurance, that's okay, we work with many insurance companies and would be happy to assist you.

Our Promise To You

We're here to provide you with full transparency over what's occurring while we complete the work on your property. We know how difficult
these situations are and want our customers feel completely assured with allowing a cleaning company to enter their premises. We understand the delicate times and are grateful for trusting us with your business. That is why we stand by our service and promise:

  • Keep all personal belongings on the property.
  • Only begin work once you have authorized and acknowledged what the job entails before and after it's closed.
  • We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured
  • Treat the areas specified.

You are welcome to voice your opinion and feedback throughout the entire process. After all, you are trusting us with your home! We're here to restore and protect the cleanliness and safety of your property.

Pricing and Payment Options

It's rare that you'll need to pay for the damages yourself. These incidents are very likely covered by your homeowner/property/renter's insurance. We make this process a breeze. We take care of everything and work directly with your insurance provider so you can focus on more important matters. Even if there are is a lapse in insurance, we guarantee the best price available with flexible payment options.

  • Insurance for Fingerprint powder removal

    Insurance Claim

    Insurance sometimes covers cleaning costs. We work with the claims department of your homeowner's, renter's, or car insurance on your behalf.

  • Payment options Fingerprint powder removal

    Direct Payment Options

    In the rare event your situation isn't covered by insurance, we will work with you. We charge unbeatable prices to that of our competitors--guaranteed.

  • Cleanup assistance for fingerprint powder removal

    Assistance Funds

    We can help connect you with the most appropriate funding sources to help with coverage gaps, deductibles, or out-of-pocket expenses.

More Options

Cleaning up after fingerprint dust is frustrating to say the least, so we are always striving to make the payment one less thing to worry about. We also try to help uninsured and low-income customers find organizations or government resources for possible financial assistance opportunities.

For your convenience, we accept:

  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Renters Insurance
  • Credit Cards
  • Payment Plans
  • Cash & Checks
  • Additional Options

Client Reviews On Google

Thomas Gray
Thomas Gray
I contracted the services of BioRecovery for a Biohazard clean-up in my home. From Alex, the lead on the cleanup team, to Jessica, who coordinated with the insurance company, everything was done top-notch. The team worked clean and quickly to remove all the damaged property and Jessica was instrumental in getting my insurance company to cover the replacement of the items which were damaged. Just as important, as promised, they accomplished everything within the financial limits set by my insurance company. There were no additional bills. This is the company to use, if you are ever in need of a biohazard clean-up.
Jysseca Gohn
Jysseca Gohn
The technician, Justin Penn, was helpful, polite and respectful. Made this part of the process so much easier for everyone. Would recommend services to others in need.
Joshua Gohn
Joshua Gohn
Quick service, very respectful, and the service tech (Justin Penn) had a great understanding of what he was doing and how to help me. I was in a very dark place and this company felt like a light in the dark. Thank you so much for a job well done.
Carolyn Wells
Carolyn Wells
This team was an absolute God send to my family on one of the darkest days of our lives. They are professional yet compassionate, friendly, easy to talk to, answers any questions you need and just truly have a heart of caring. It’s more than a job. I feel that it’s a ministry. They were helpful in so many ways. Thank you so much, David and Brandy for what you do. God bless you.
Jacqueline Frangoulis
Jacqueline Frangoulis
Wonderful company! Would definitely recommend!
Nancy Marksteiner
Nancy Marksteiner
Highly recommend this company! Excellent service and compassionate employees which was so needed during this difficult time
Amazing people in the office. Very professional and helpful techs during hard time. I would definitely recommend.
Alex Nadolnik
Alex Nadolnik
Great company from the office to the techs. Very discreet, and professional during a difficult situation. Thank you again to the whole team.
Kevin Marksteiner
Kevin Marksteiner
Very helpful with the clean up!! Very attentive and compassionate to my needs. Couldn’t say enough good things about this company! Aces!!

Frequently Asked Questions

The shock that comes after dealing with a crime scene on your property is to be expected, and so is the frustration of having to deal with the traces of fingerprint dust. We know this leads to many questions. That's why we're here, to help educate and support you during your time of need. If your questions aren't answered below, feel free to ask when you call. We're here 24/7, nationwide.

Don't Attempt it Yourself: Call Us

There's a reason investigators wear masks when lifting fingerprints. When dealing with potentially carcinogenic material, it isn't worth the risk of trying to do it improperly. And since these situations are covered by insurance, why would you want to? We provide full details over the cleanup before, during, and after you authorize us to begin working.

We are grateful for the trust you place in our business and work very discretely with full respect to your property, belongings, and privacy.  Let us take care of the situation so you can relax and take care of everything else you need to take care of. Don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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