Forensic Cleaning

If you're in a situation where you need a specialized forensic cleaning service. Call the Bio Recovery professionals for 24/7, comprehensive and safe cleanups nationwide.


Forensic Cleaning

If you're in a situation where you need a specialized forensic cleaning service. Call the Bio Recovery professionals for 24/7, comprehensive and safe cleanups nationwide.

Bodily fluids and biohazards spills should be disinfected with the assistance of a professional crew. Bodily fluids and biohazards risk can spread bloodborne pathogens around, and persist undetected to the human eye for an undetermined amount of time.

Never attempt to treat a crime scene or trauma scene on your own - you don't want to first hand expose yourself to the potential risks of contact with bloodborne infections, such as HIV/AIDS, HBV, HBC, and other bloodborne diseases. Leave this physically and psychologically dangerous task to the professionals.

Bio Recovery is a forensic cleaning company with over 25 years of experience. Bio Recovery is fully equipped, certified, and staffed to legally sanitize, treat, and take care of crime scenes, forensic cleanup, fingerprint residue removal, and more.

What Bio Recovery Helps With

With 20 years of experience, Bio Recovery has cleaned up trauma, homicides, and countless other biohazard contaminations of all different scopes, sizes, and types. Over the past 20 years, Bio Recovery is incredibly proud to have amassed hundreds of satisfied customers

Bio Recovery is proud to assist law enforcement, surviving crime victims and families, first responders, insurance companies, property managers, and funeral directors with full-service forensic cleaning in the following areas:

Who We Are

We've established ourselves as an industry leader through our two decades in the field of crime scene cleanup services. We are in service nationwide, and have worked with every situation from private homes and businesses to police stations and hospitals, and more.

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How We Clean Up After a Forensic Incident

Cleanup procedures change according to the circumstances of the site. The level of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) may vary by the team once they arrive at the commercial or residential location in order to assess the trauma scene.

Our team will determine the size of the area, the amount of time that has elapsed since the incident, the dangers of the biohazards present, the supplies needed (e.g. PPE, disinfectants), the damage to be removed, and the facility where it must be disposed. You will have ability to review and provide feedback throughout the process; it is your property, after all!

Below is a brief rundown of the forensic cleaning process:

As part of the initial assessment, we walk through the site to accurately document all that it affected. We use hazard signs and yellow tape to isolate damaged areas and prevent disruption and/or accidental tracking/spreading of any biohazards. Photos and notes are taken to be used in creating an accurate estimate for restoring work areas back to their original condition.

An initial assessment will go over the square footage of the house, the condition of the house, and the entire scene. Per OSHA standards, cleaners will enter the house wearing PPE approved for enveloped viruses (e.g. disposable gloves, protective eyewear, a N95 mask, and approved suits).

During the initial assessment, photos and notes will be taken of the scene. Photos and notes are used to quote accurate estimates and allow us to restore work areas to their original condition.

What is the Risk of Exposure?

Cleaning crime scenes is a physically intensive task that requires using an appropriate level of PPE for the situation. While each individual case varies, you can assume in the general sense that untrained exposure can quickly lead to contact. Contact can lead to exposure to the following deadly diseases:

All of the above can cause temporary, permanent, or lifelong symptoms and diseases. It's not worth the risk of exposure when you can work with a fully licensed, bonded, and certified professional crime scene cleanup company.

Pricing & Payment Plan

We make the payment process as simple as possible. If the situation is covered by insurance, we deal directly with your insurance provider. If not, we offer various other payment options.

*A very large percentage of the crime scene cleanups that we perform are fully covered by insurance.*

  • Insurance sheet

    Insurance Claim

    Insurance sometimes covers cleaning costs. We’ll work with the claims department of your homeowner's or renter's insurance on your behalf.

  • Payment options

    Direct Payment Options

    We’re flexible with our direct-payment options, and can help you determine the best financing plan based on your out-of-pocket costs and policy payouts.

  • Cleanup assistance form

    Assistance Funds

    We can help connect you with the most appropriate funding sources to help with coverage gaps, deductibles, or out-of-pocket expenses.

More Options

Forensic damage to a property is overwhelming to say the least, so we are always striving to make the payment one less thing to worry about. We also try to help uninsured and low-income customers find organizations or government resources for possible financial assistance opportunities.

For your convenience, we accept:

  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Renters Insurance
  • Payment Plans
  • Cash & Checks
  • Credit Cards
  • Additional Options

Client Review

"Absolutely incredible and hardest working people I've ever met. They returned my call right away and made sure to answer any questions my family and I had. When the techs arrived, they showed nothing but kindness and professionalism the entire time and they went above beyond our expectations. Thank you all so much for making a difficult time much easier to deal with, Absolutely recommend them!"

Lourie A.

Frequently Asked Questions

Circumstances like these happen when you least expect it. It's natural to be confused or have questions. You're not alone, we're here to answer all your questions, even if you have questions that are not listed below.

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