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Unattended Death Cleanup New JerseyAn unattended death can be one of the most difficult and painful experiences for family and loved ones to cope with.  There are so many unanswered questions since no one was with the individual when he or she died.  You may find yourself wondering whether the death could have been prevented, if your loved one suffered and how they spent their last moments.  These are all very common feelings to have when you realize that your loved one died unexpectedly and was not with anyone when it happened.  In the midst of this, one thing that you should not have to worry about is the cleanup.  Bio Recovery is a national leader in biohazard cleanup and decontamination in the New Jersey area and our team can take on the responsibility of the difficult process of cleanup so you can focus on healing.

Unique Circumstances of Unattended Deaths

One of the reasons that an unattended death is so difficult is because there is a delay between when the individual died and when their body was found. Whether the death was a result of suicide, natural death or an accident, this kind of situation creates extreme stress for the family members.  Decomposition occurs quickly and your loved one may not be recognizable by the time he or she is found.  The scene can quickly become a biohazard risk and it is critical that your family work with a company that can act fast and restore safety and a sense of normalcy to the affected area.

Unattended Death Cleanup NJ

Our experienced team at Bio Recovery can sanitize and decontaminate the area quickly, while maintaining respect, professionalism and complete discretion.  We use state of the art equipment and our team is certified, licensed and insured so you can trust that we will do a thorough job and leave the area without a trace of the remains.  All of our company vehicles are unmarked, so you can be confident that you are not sharing this tragic event with the whole neighborhood.

You might be wondering what the cost of this cleanup might be. This is one of the most common questions we get at Bio Recovery.  Often times, this decontamination and cleanup is actually covered by insurance.  If not, our team will work with you to come up with a payment plan that works for your situation.

We hope you never find yourself in need of unattended death cleanup.  But, in the event that you do need us, we are here to help.  You can call Bio Recovery any time, day or night at 1-888-752-5001.