Unhealthy Nuisance: Mold in Your Home

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When something gets contaminated with a water source such as a roof or a plumbing leak, any building can easily get infested with mold.

In fact, mold in a home or business place can rapidly spread over the entire property within a couple of days if not treated properly.

Apart from the obvious disturbing appearance mold can be a cause for annoying health issues such as allergies and irritations; at times, mold can affect your respiratory system too.

The irritant smell your experience as your enter a moldy basement is such warning sign you must immediately address. There are countless dangers of mold.

The Truth About Mold

In natural environment, microscopic level mold spores can be available virtually everywhere no matter if it is indoor or outdoor. Therefore, eradicating mold in home or any other building is impossible.

In simplest terms, complete elimination of mold from the atmosphere is not possible.

Here are some facts you must know about mold.

  • Mold exists almost everywhere regardless if it is indoor or outdoor
  • Mold spread with the help of air as they are microscopic. So, they can enter your home via windows, doors, ventilator, pets, your clothing and many other ways.
  • Moisture provides perfect growing environment for mold. The spores grow rapidly as soon as they find dampness on walls, roofs or any other surfaces. They will rapidly convert into colonies and become disturbingly visible.
  • A successful mold remediation process should start by addressing sources of water and moisture.
  • When infested severely, indoor areas can produce an unpleasant musty odor. A moldy basement with strong odor is an example.
  • If you can keep the indoor humidity below 45%, you have good chances of preventing mold in home.

Sources of moisture you should address upon mold remediation

Now that you know the main cause for mold is moisture. Before the beginning of the remediation process, you must address the below mentioned issues correctly.

  • Potential leaks in roof or plumbing
  • Malfunctioning water systems under or around the building
  • Malfunctioning combustion equipment
  • Lack of maintenance
  • Lack of ventilation
  • Too much of humidity

Reasons to hire a mold remediation professional to address the mold in home

  • Quick response

Professional firms that carryout mold removal processes generally respond to you immediately. You will not have to wait days of week to get the correct treatment. Immediate attention to mold in home is exceptionally important as it helps you to minimize the damage.

  • They possess expertise knowledge

Generally, professional firms that offer mold remediation solutions possess high level of expertise and experience. They have received necessary training to handle all the types of mold infestations no matter what the scale or the type is.

A mold remediation team usually includes but not limited to professionals like, microbial remediation specialists, structural drying technician and water damage restoration technicians.

As a responsible house owner, you must address to the mold infestations at your earliest. Immediate action will reduce the damages and the costs of remediation.