Blunt Force Trauma and Physical Assault

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Blunt force trauma and physical assault text

Often overlooked as a lesser concern than crimes committed with sharp weapons or guns, blunt force trauma frequently creates it’s own significant aftermath. Physical assault crime scenes shouldn’t be dismissed as less of a contamination zone as those affected by gunshot violence.

Blunt Force Trauma Cleanup

Attacks using sharp objects directly inflict lacerations, but blunt force bludgeoning tends to leave its own unpleasant signature on victims and crime scenes. As with gunshot trauma, blunt force impact creates pressure that can cause surrounding skin to burst as blood is forced out of the body. The velocity at which the blood travels distributes droplets over a surprisingly broad area. Blood may even mist, entering ventilation systems or collecting in unexpected locations.

Violent struggles almost always carry on throughout the premises, trailing blood and leaving behind a great deal of spatter and smears. Survivors come into contact with walls and objects to support themselves as they seek aid.

Why Hire a Crime Scene Cleanup Company

First responders, and even well-meaning loved ones trying to clean up the crime scene inadvertently expand the contaminated area or force blood spills deeper into surfaces.

Untrained citizens and crime scene cleaning companies with less experience than our Bio Recovery teams underestimate the scope of blunt force trauma blood cleanup. They assume fistfights or even head wounds from physical assaults are less serious than gunshot wounds or stabbings. Then, when they arrive to the scene, they are wholly unprepared and overwhelmed.

If they do attempt to move forward with the blunt force trauma cleanup on their own, they are putting the physical and mental well-being of themselves, and their loved ones, at risk. The chances of illness arising from improperly treated blood is certainly an unnecessary hazard. Aside from that, on many occasions blood or debris is found long after the cleanup in places that the person cleaning would have never thought to look. This can be a scarring experience for anyone not in the proper mental state to come across something like this.

Call Bio Recovery Today

If you are here because you’re facing the task of cleaning up blood left behind after a beating or violent impact wound, you want the job done right and completed as soon as possible so there are no triggering reminders. Call our Bio Recovery customer support team anytime, day or night at 1-888-968-9175, so we can clean and decontaminate blood and all other traces of the physical assault from your property or vehicle.

And if you or someone you know—no matter their age, gender, sexual orientation, race, or faith—is the target of domestic violence, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 for discreet and immediate assistance.