Why should you call a crime scene cleanup company, and NOT clean it yourself

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Crime/Trauma scene cleaning, as with any specific trade, should not be attempted by someone without the knowledge, experience, and certifications required to perform this highly specialized service.

Yes, you could attempt to build that coffee table for your living room, instead of calling a carpenter, and the worst that would happen is that not all four legs are the same length.

Yes, you could try to unclog your drains, instead of calling your plumber, and the worst that would happen is you (regretfully) flood out your bathroom.

Unfortunate? yes. Dangerous? No.

But what is the worse that could happen if you decide to clean a crime scene up yourself?

Bloodborne diseases such as Hepatitis C, HIV and MRSA.
Improper cleaning solutions can cause most items to be permanently damaged or destroyed by blood.
Not to mention, you have to get on your hands and knees and personally scrub down the remnants of your loved one.
It doesn’t sound right on ANY level you look at it.

By entrusting a company that handles this industry specifically, you’re getting a professional team of technicians who have the experience and tools to properly remediate such scenes.

That goes without saying that your standard, run-of-the-mill cleaning company does not have the necessary knowledge or equipment to properly clean or disinfect a crime scene. Persistent odor will not be gone, and will haunt your house of the aroma of what was once the worst day of your life.

Business Owners: Did you know that aside from being unethical, it is illegal  for any business entity to allow or request employees to handle blood and bodily fluids without proper training, certifications, licenses and insurance?

If you contract such remediation to an outside company that is properly licensed, insured, permitted and trained, it separates you and your company from the incident.

In the event there is any negligence and someone gets sick or injured, your company has put forth ‘best efforts’ in rectifying the situation and separates you from the incident.

 There is a reason organizations such as OSHA, the DEC and EPA have guidelines and training for jobs within our industry.

It is a hazardous profession. Protect yourself and your family, and let us, as the professionals do our jobs. Your home or business is a safer place with us around.

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