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Experts are called in when a crime scene becomes messy. Investigators and forensic professionals have a job to do. Their job does not include Death Scene Cleanup. Trauma cleaning is left up to Crime Cleanup Professionals at Bio Recovery. We have the training and equipment to provide the highest level of service for Long Island, NY residents. It can be a very dangerous and emotional job. Blood, Tissue and Body Fluid removal is closely regulated by federal guidelines covering Biohazard Materials.

Trauma Cleaning

Death Scene Cleanup in Long Island NY or anywhere for that matter can be extremely traumatic when family of the deceased must handle the task. Viewing the scene may make loved ones relive the loss. Trauma cleaning is best left to individuals with training in sensitivity as well as Biohazard Remediation techniques.

Insurance Covered Crime Cleanup

Many people are surprised to learn that Crime Scene Cleanup is often covered under insurance policies. It is not guaranteed. Contact Bio Recovery for a free estimate on our services. In most instances there are local victims funds that can help to offset the costs of having professionals take care of cleaning up a death scene.

Choosing the Right Crime Scene Cleaners

If you are in need of professional help for trauma cleaning there are several aspects to keep in mind. Make sure that you choose a company that can provide you the highest level of professional trauma cleaning services.

  • Experience in the crime clean up industry
  • Certification for blood, tissue and bodily fluid removal
  • Licensed by the state of New York
  • Fully insured for death scene cleanup
  • Skill level of field technicians
  • Respected by law enforcement agencies
  • Certified to handle and dispose of biohazard materials
  • Reputation for discreet handling of the crime scene
  • Very professional representation
  • Up to date on industry best practices

Respectful Death Scene Cleanup Service

Contact Bio Recovery any time day or night when you need our assistance. We provide Professional Trauma Cleaning and Crime Scene Cleanup around the Long Island, NY area. As Certified Biohazard Material handlers we can provide Blood, Body Fluid and Tissue Removal services under state and federal guidelines. For more than 15 years we have been dedicated to providing the most respectful death scene cleanup service to return the scene to safety and allow family members to heal.

Long Island, NY residents should contact Bio Recovery for Trauma Cleaning Services. Call Us at 1-888-752-5001 or fill out our Online Form.