Crime Scene Cleanup Nassau New York

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Crime Cleanup Nassau County NYNothing is more frightening than coming home to yellow tape surrounding your property with teams of police, investigators and onlooking crowds scavenging through your belongings and wreaking havoc onto the fresh crime scene that lays in front of them. When the tape falls and the crowds diminish, the only thing left on your property is painful memories, bodily fluids, and a home turned upside down. If you live in Nassau, New York and this happens to you, please know that you are not alone and you should not be left to clean up this painful mess on your own! Bio Recovery is a New York Crime Scene Cleanup Company that can help sanitize and restore your home back to its original state.

Certified Crime Scene Cleaners

We understand that whenever we are performing crime scene cleanup, there can be a lot of pain and emotions involved. Our certified crime scene cleaners are not only thoroughly trained in cleaning blood, tissue, and body fluids from any site, but they also bring compassion and understanding to every job they handle. With over 15 years of experience in crime scene cleanup, Bio Recovery prides itself on being highly trained in this field to turn depressing environments into safe and habitable places again.

Professional Level Of Clean

When a crime happens that involves cleaning blood or body fluids, it’s important to not try and do it yourself or call your typical maid service. Certified crime scene cleaners are the only way to guarantee the elimination of bloodborne pathogens or parasites caused by tissue and body fluids left over from the crime. Apart from it being a painful process for a loved one to endure, crime scene cleanup is too hazardous if you are not fully trained! At Bio Recovery, our entire team is certified and continues to do on-going training to keep our credentials up to date. We come prepared to every job with personal protective gear, the highest quality disinfectants, waste containers, foggers, air purifiers, and anything else that we may need to ensure that your property has been thoroughly decontaminated.

Being responsible for the aftermath of a crime scene is bad enough, make the right decision and call in our certified crime scene cleaners! Most all crime scene cleanup jobs are covered by home or business owners insurance or even by local state’s crime victims associations. Therefore, money should never be a reason why you can’t get your home restored into its original condition today. If you live in Nassau, New York, don’t hesitate to call Bio Recovery at 1-888-752-5001.