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If you've found us, it's likely not under the best of circumstances. This may be the worst day of your life, having suddenly lost a loved one or experienced a violent crime in your home. Perhaps you've found that your New Jersey facility's industrial accident cleanup plan was unrealistic, and you need a professional biohazard cleaning company to step in.

The least unfortunate circumstances in which you're visiting us today might be because you're in a high-risk industry—construction, corrections, medical, even hospitality—and you want to establish a comprehensive biohazard cleanup protocol before the need arises.

Bio Recovery is a full-service crime scene cleaning and biohazard control company serving New Jersey private, commercial, and governmental clients since 1998.

Our New Jersey Crime Scene and Biohazard Cleanup Services


When public safety or emergency responders—whether they be crime scene investigators, coroners, New Jersey medical examiners, or paramedics—finish at the scene of a crime or trauma, those responsible for cleaning up the property are often overwhelmed by the prospect of cleaning up blood spills, body fluids, human tissue, and offensive odors related to decomposition.

It's a difficult task, especially when the victim is a loved one. If you were also victimized, or you witnessed the event, the last thing you want to do is address the potentially dangerous, and always arduous, job of detecting, repairing and cleaning up a violent death or criminal investigation.

That's where Bio Recovery steps in. Our teams of highly trained technicians follow very specific OSHA guidelines and our own comprehensive checklists to perform the following tasks:

Unattended Death Cleanup

An unattended death is one that occurs when the decedent is not under the immediate care of a doctor. Another person may be present, or the body may have been left undiscovered for a period of time. In the latter case, the decomposition process requires special biohazard cleanup protocols.

Suicides, natural deaths, overdoses, and accident fatalities all fall under the "unattended death" label, according to New Jersey laws.

Cleaning Up Blood Spills

"Workers in many occupations, including first responders, housekeeping personnel in some industries, nurses and other healthcare personnel, all may be at risk for exposure to bloodborne pathogens."—OSHA

Work-related injuries and deaths, home accidents, and healthcare facilities often result in exposure to bloodborne pathogens. Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and HIV are among the most dangerous, and some remain viable outside the body for a week or more. Other hazardous microbes include MRSA, e. Coli, and salmonella.

Crime Scene Investigation Cleanup

Crime scene cleaning isn't just about cleaning spilled blood and body fluids. Investigators use powders and sprays to detect fingerprints, gunpowder residue, blood droplets, and semen. These materials are difficult to find and remove. Bio Recovery uses special crime scene cleaning equipment and compounds to eliminate painful reminders of your traumatic experience.

Legally & Safely Dispose of Biohazardous Materials

New Jersey municipal, county, and state laws have special handling requirements for the disposal of hazardous materials ("hazmat") which include biohazardous waste These are set in place to protect the public and waste management workers, and to prevent re-contamination at the trauma scene.

Our teams are equipped with special containers suited for hazmat and biohazard cleanup, and our own protocols meet or exceed New Jersey mandates as well as OSHA and DEQ requirements.

New Jersey Communities We Serve

Bio Recovery will respond anywhere you need to, including these 12 New Jersey cities:

Comprehensive, Discreet Crime Scene & Biohazard Cleanup in New Jersey

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Our office staff will work with you and your insurance company to help cover your costs, and whenever you need us, we'll send one of our highly-qualified biohazard teams right away. We'll treat you with the dignity and respect you deserve, and we'll get the job done right so you can return to your property with full confidence in your safety.