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If you are in need of New Brunswick Crime Scene Cleanup services, call our hotline at 1-888-752-5001 for 24/7 assistance.

Crime scenes – ghastly, unnerving sights that more often than not entail homicide, suicide, or assault – can be strewn with spilled blood and body fluids.

So what happens when incidents usually only seen on cable television dramas and the like unexpectedly show up in your life? The outcome is much more intense than anything you see on those shows because of how it affects your life, your property, and everyone and everything you dearly cherish?

Bio Recovery is a professional Crime Scene Cleanup Company that offers Professional Certified Sanitation Services in and around New Brunswick. After detectives and forensic scientists, news crews and onlookers depart from the scene, the area of the crime is still covered with the remains from the deplorable act – all left for the victim’s grieving family or property owner to clean up.

If you find yourself in this position, call Bio Recovery for help today.

Crime Scene Cleanup New Brunswick

The horrible truth is that the obligation for cleaning the remains of abhorrent acts often falls on the shoulders of loved ones. And with that obligation comes the risk of health complications to the person physically cleaning the scene. So long as the area remains tainted, anyone inhabiting it in the future is at risk, as well.

All bodily fluids are regarded as biohazards and could bring about infections and disease. Whether you’re wanting to restore the crime scene to its normal state to keep on living at the site, or if you want to sell the property, our services will ensure the safety of anyone who uses it in the future.

Our professional cleaning technicians have all the required certifications needed to sanitize the area, the permits to dispense of any irreparable items, and the will to fix crime scenes and relieve some stress from victims and loved ones. Our mission is to make sure that no more pain comes from the crimes that have been perpetrated and that everyone affected has their best chance to recover, without the extra hassle about getting the area back to a safe and sterile condition.

Having worked in the field of New Brunswick crime scene cleanup for well over 20 years, we’ve assisted countless families, businesses, and communities in their most grievous times.

Our broad range of services are performed throughout New Brunswick and include crime scene clean up, trauma clean up, hoarding recovery, hazardous waste removal and disposal, asbestos abatement, and mold/water remediation.

Below is a full list of services we provide within the city, local laws, as well as helpful links to various professionals, from Mental Health professionals to Crime Victim Associations that can help pay for services rendered.

Other Cleanup Services in New Brunswick

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