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If you're a Connecticut resident or business operator looking for professionals to clean up after a death, accident, or crime scene, you want assurance that you'll reach the best biohazard cleaning company in Connecticut. Bio Recovery has been in operation since 1998, responding to the types of hazmat situations requiring special biohazard cleaning and remediation.

You may have heard the term "crime scene cleaners". What many people don't know is that our services aren't limited to homes or businesses that have become the setting for a violent home invasion, domestic violence altercation, or homicide. Most of our service calls are for less-dramatic—but no less critical—biohazard cleanup assignments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Connecticut Services

Now that you know more about what a crime scene and biohazard remediation company is, you might have some questions to find out how BioRecovery can better serve you. Here are a few questions our customer service associates encounter on a daily basis:

Will my insurance policy cover your fees?

In most cases, your business or homeowner's insurance will pay for our services. We will work with your insurance carrier to ensure they have the information they need to approve your claim. After all, professional biohazard cleanup prevents further claims down the road, because the odors left behind after body composition, or materials permeated with bodily fluids, can cause secondary structural decay and invite pest infestations. It's in your insurance company's best interest to help you ensure your property is property disinfected according to OSHA and EPA standards, as well as Connecticut health code regulations.

I don't have insurance/my deductible is outrageous. Where can I get help?

If you were the victim of a crime, the State of Connecticut Office of the Victim Advocate has local and national resources available to help your recovery process, with possible funding to assist with property damage and crime scene cleanup. You can also reach out to the Red Cross of Connecticut to find out if they can assist you.

Bio Recovery accepts all major credit cards and may be able to help you finance your biohazard or crime scene cleanup project.

When can I reopen my business, or return to my home?

Every crime scene cleanup or biohazard removal project is different, but in most cases, we will respond within hours of your request, and you can return to your sanitized property within 24-48 hours. Our associates will be able to give you a more accurate time estimate when we have more information about the circumstances of your biohazard contamination.

I operate a chain of motels in Connecticut, including Hartford, Camden, New Haven, and Stamford. Can I open an account with you so I can better inform my staff on how to handle a death on the premises?

Absolutely. We offer the same turnaround times and excellent service to all our customers, but if you operate a Connecticut business and want to establish an account with your contact information and insurance details, your managers will be able to focus on caring for your staff and customers. In the meantime, we'll respond and cooperate with responding law enforcement to ensure a discreet, expedient clean up of any unattended death or violent crime on your motel or hotel property.

Our nursing care facility had an outbreak of E. coli/MRSA/salmonella. It's beyond the scope of our ability to disinfect the premises. Can you help?

Yes. We often work with inpatient care facilities, private surgical centers, laboratories, and large hospitals to clean up bloodborne pathogens and other dangerous microbial contaminations. We're even equipped to handle Ebola should the need arise.

We just discovered that a tenant passed away, apparently from natural causes or an opioid overdose. It seems like it happened a few weeks ago. What do I do?

First, call your local non-emergency number. Connecticut's Office of the Chief Medical Examiner is based in Farmington, but your municipality or county medical examiner or coroner will need to come to the scene of an unattended death to ensure there was no foul play involved. Once they have removed the body and released the scene, we can come in to clean up decomposition residue, including blood, body fluids, tissue, and bad odors. We can also clean up any residues left after a pest infestation, and remove any drug paraphernalia that might contain bloodborne pathogens.

There is spilled blood on our production floor resulting from an industrial accident. Regulations require us to follow EPA and OSHA standards when cleaning blood and body fluids. Are you OSHA compliant? 

Yes, we are. Our technicians are trained to precisely follow our own detailed checklist as well as regulations set forth by OSHA and the EPA for thorough removal of blood, body fluid, human tissue, and residual human remains. Your site will be sanitized in accordance with (or surpassing) these government standards. We diligently follow OSHA and EPA regulations for the safe disposal of all biohazardous materials.

Don't forget to contact Connecticut's OSHA department at (860) 263-6946 to report a workplace fatality or catastrophe. Contact Bio Recovery 24/7 1-888-752-5001 to handle the aftermath.

Biohazard & Crime Scene Cleaners in Connecticut: Areas We Serve

We regularly care for clients in and around Connecticut's major cities, including:

We also look after Connecticut with field offices in northern New Jersey and Long Island, New York. No matter where you are, you can reach Bio Recovery 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-888-752-5001 and we’ll dispatch a team of skilled biohazard technicians to your site.

What kinds of services do you provide? 

Here is a list of the types of biohazard and crime scene cleanup work we do here in Connecticut:

  • Clean up after a suicide
  • Clean up after a murder
  • Clean up after a home invasion self-defense shooting
  • Clean up after any unattended death
  • Clean up after an in-home accident or illness (falls, lacerations, body fluids)
  • Cleaning of broken refrigerator or freezer units and resulting foul odors
  • Cleanup after pest infestations
  • Cleaning up spilled blood, urine, feces
  • Removal of human body tissue
  • Cleaning residues and odors left after a hoarder
  • Cleanup of residues and odors resulting from an unattended death or decomposing body
  • Removal of drug-related hazards (methamphetamine residue, fentanyl powder, hypodermic needles)
  • Mold remediation
  • Cleanup after burst septic abscess
  • Crime scene cleanup involving tear gas, pepper spray, and forensic body fluid detection materials
  • Cleaning interior and exterior property after a violent crime
  • Cleaning up and sanitizing after industrial accidents and workplace injuries
  • Car, boat, and RV blood cleanup

How You Can Reach Bio Recovery

Call us anytime, day or night, at 1-888-752-5001. If your need isn't an emergency, and you want to learn more about our Connecticut commercial, industrial, and institutional services, be sure to visit our website at

Our blog is designed to educate our clients and their staff about biohazard cleaning protocols, and we even have articles about the psychological effects of trauma.

Bio Recovery is here for you before, during, and after your emergency.