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Discover peace of mind in times of crisis – our dedicated team at Bio Recovery is here 24/7 to provide swift and professional biohazard cleanup services in New Haven, Connecticut, ensuring a safe and meticulous restoration of any biohazard scene.
Yale University in New Haven Connecticut
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Biohazard Cleanup New Haven CT

Welcome to Bio Recovery's Biohazard Cleanup Services in New Haven, CT – a city steeped in rich history, vibrant culture, and a resilient community.

As the bustling hub of Connecticut, New Haven is not only known for its prestigious Yale University but also for its diverse population, thriving economy, and a tapestry of iconic locations.

Our dedicated team is committed to serving this dynamic community, providing expert biohazard cleanup services around the clock.

Whether it's addressing incidents in the heart of downtown, the historic neighborhoods, or the picturesque surroundings, Bio Recovery is your trusted partner in restoring safety and cleanliness.

Join us in safeguarding New Haven, a city where our commitment to excellence meets the spirit of resilience.

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Bio Recovery proudly offers comprehensive deep cleaning services in New Haven, CT, ensuring prompt and professional remediation.
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Blood Cleanup
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After Death Cleaning
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Covering Every Corner

Serviced Areas in New Haven

Bio Recovery extends its biohazard cleanup services across a wide spectrum of neighborhoods, counties, and areas in New Haven, ensuring that our expert assistance is accessible to every community in times of need.


  • Downtown New Haven
  • Westville
  • East Rock
  • Fair Haven
  • Morris Cove
  • Wooster Square
  • Hamden
  • North Haven
  • Orange
  • West Haven

Restore Safety and Peace

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Extended Service Network

Beyond New Haven

While rooted in New Haven, Bio Recovery's commitment to professional cleanup extends beyond city limits.

Our services also reach neighboring cities and states, ensuring communities across the region benefit from our expertise in handling challenging situations with care and precision.

For service information for the rest of Connecticut state, click here: Crime Scene Cleanup Connecticut



Work Accidents

First Responders




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Tailored Solutions for Every Setting

Diverse Environments, Expert Cleanup

At Bio Recovery, we understand that biohazard incidents can occur in various settings.

Our specialized cleanup services extend to a diverse range of environments in New Haven, including private homes, apartments, vehicles, hotels, warehouses, factories, offices, and even first responder vehicles.

Whether it's a residential space, a commercial establishment, or a public facility, our experienced team is equipped to handle cleanup with precision, discretion, and a commitment to restoring a safe environment for all.

Stories from the Field

Bio Recovery's New Haven Journey

In our years of service in New Haven, Connecticut, Bio Recovery has become an integral part of the community's safety net, responding to a variety of biohazard situations with efficiency and compassion.

From crime scenes in the historic neighborhoods to trauma incidents in bustling downtown, our team has navigated diverse challenges, always prioritizing the restoration of normalcy for residents.

As a city known for its academic and cultural richness, New Haven has presented unique scenarios, requiring a nuanced approach to crime scene cleanup.

Our experiences range from discreetly handling incidents near Yale University to assisting local businesses in restoring safety following unexpected events. Each situation has contributed to our understanding of the city's needs and the diverse environments we serve.

New Haven's resilience is evident not only in its historic architecture and vibrant streets but also in its united response to crises. Bio Recovery has been privileged to collaborate with local authorities, emergency services, and the community at large.

From notable incidents that made headlines to the quiet restorations in residential areas, our journey in New Haven reflects a commitment to service, community partnership, and the well-being of this city.

Expert Cleanup When You Need It Most

Experience swift, discreet, and thorough cleanup services in your most challenging times.
Clients Share Their Stories

Voices of Appreciation

Discover the impact of Bio Recovery's services through the words of those we've assisted. Our clients in New Haven, Connecticut, speak to the professionalism, compassion, and effectiveness of our cleanup team. These testimonials offer a glimpse into the support we provide during challenging times, reaffirming our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.
Anne S.
"I had a very positive experience with Bio Recovery and the clean out task they were hired to perform. I especially want to thank Jessica who was my contact person who kept me posted throughout the process. Many thanks for all that you do!!"
Steven T.
"Bio Recovery did a fantastic job and under difficult circumstances. The staff and technicians were knowledgeable, professional and friendly. They showed up on time, and did a complete and thorough job, for a fair price. I give them my unqualified recommendation."
Ray H.
"The team did a remarkable job on a large scale project. Their crew were sensitive to the situation they were stepping into and for that, I am great full. Would recommend their service to anyone looking for their skill set."
Connecting with New Haven

Local Resources at Your Fingertips

Explore the heartbeat of New Haven through our curated collection of local links. Stay informed about community events, track the weather, and access vital resources from the city's official website. Whether you're a resident seeking updates or a visitor exploring the area, these links serve as gateways to the vibrant pulse of New Haven, Connecticut.

Aerial shot of New Haven in Bio Recovery green
Bridging Hope and Restoration

Our Commitment to Bridgeport

As we conclude our journey through Bio Recovery's commitment to New Haven, Connecticut, we emphasize our unwavering dedication to the safety and well-being of this vibrant community. From the historic neighborhoods to the bustling downtown, our team has been privileged to serve in diverse environments, addressing biohazard situations with professionalism and care.

New Haven's resilience is echoed in the collaboration we've experienced – from local partnerships to the support of the community at large. Our mission extends beyond biohazard cleanup; it encompasses building a safer, stronger New Haven where individuals and businesses can thrive even in the face of unexpected challenges.

Thank you for entrusting Bio Recovery with your safety. Our journey in New Haven is not just about cleaning up incidents; it's about contributing to the narrative of a city that rises above adversity. As we move forward, our commitment remains steadfast – securing New Haven together, one cleanup at a time.