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Suicide Cleaning NYThe loss of a loved one to suicide is extremely painful for everyone involved. While you may have known that he or she was struggling, it is likely that you did not realize the depth of their despair. Family members of a suicide victim feel the pervasive loss and can experience their own trauma over the suicide of a friend or family member. In addition, there are many unexpected tasks to complete during this vulnerable and dark time. Other friends and family members must be notified, an obituary must be written, arrangements for a service must be made, and someone must make a decision about how to cleanup the area where the suicide took place. If you live in the New York area and need assistance with suicide cleaning services, contact Bio Recovery to help with this difficult situation.

 Professional Cleanup After a Suicide

The last thing a family member should have to worry about is how to clean and decontaminate an area where suicide took place. This just exacerbates the pain and leaves terrible and disturbing images in your mind that cannot be taken away.

There are many important reasons to look to a professional company to handle the cleanup:

  • A family should be able to focus on processing their loss and beginning the grieving process, not on cleaning the affected area.
  • Blood and bodily fluids at the scene pose significant biohazardous health risk to those not trained in proper cleaning, sanitization and disposal methods.
  • There are significant health and safety risks posed by a trauma scene. These should not be left to a routine cleaning service or individuals who do not have this specialized skill. If not properly cleansed, traces of blood and fluids are easy to miss and can continue to pose a risk long after normal life has resumed.
  • Extensive training and certification, professional grade cleaning agents and protective gear are all required to restore an area to its pre-incident state. These materials are not generally available to the public.

 Crime and Suicide Cleaning New York

Bio Recovery has been in the crime scene and suicide cleaning business for more than 15 years. We offer thorough, professional and immediate cleanup services all over the country. Our cleanup teams understand the sensitivity of a suicide scene and will be discreet, respectful and helpful in your time of need. We can be reached 24/7 at 1-888-752-5001. Our goal is to provide responsive service and help remove any and all reminders of the tragedy so that you and your loved ones can truly begin to heal.