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Alabama Crime Scene CleanupAlabama Crime Scene Cleaning

No one is prepared to deal with the aftermath of a crime. There is no instruction manual for what to do or how to feel. Instead, what generally happens when a crime occurs to a friend or family member, is that one or two individuals close to the victim step up to handle all of the decisions and necessary logistics. If you are that person in your family, the one depended on to know what to do in a crisis, you may be looking for guidance in this area. Fortunately, when it comes to crime scene cleanup, the decision is pretty simple. There are no circumstances in which loved ones should cleanup after a crime. A professional crime scene company can and should be hired to complete this job for the family. Bio Recovery has over 15 years of experience of crime scene cleaning in Alabama and can respond to your need immediately, so you can focus on all of the other important decisions during this difficult time.

Crime Scene Cleanup: Alabama Professional Grade Cleaners

Bio Recovery handles all aspects of the difficult task of cleaning a crime scene. From the moment we get your call for help, our team will spring into action so that you can focus on all of the other things that need to be done after a crime. Our crime scene cleanup services include:


  • Immediately contain the area to minimize cross-contamination.
  • Develop a thorough cleaning plan that will effectively eliminate all traces of blood and remains.
  • Clean, sanitize and disinfect the area with professional grade cleaning products and equipment (often multiple cleaning treatments are necessary). All members of the Bio Recovery crew wear protective gear.
  • Properly dispose of all bio hazardous materials, including blood, bodily fluids and other human remains. Anything in the area that cannot be salvaged must be disposed of in an area entirely separate from normal trash receptacles. Our team has permits for bio hazardous waste and will handle this for you.

What Makes Us Unique?

In addition to being the trusted and certified team of Alabama cleaners, our crew is compassionate, respectful and discreet, fully understanding that your family is going through a very difficult time. So, if you find yourself being the one looked to for dealing with the aftermath of a crime, call Bio Recovery at 1-888-752-5001 to let us help you when you need it.