What If You Can’t Afford Crime Scene Cleanup?

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Trauma and post death cleaning services can sometimes get too expensive for everybody to handle, so the question “What if I can’t afford crime scene cleanup?” gets thrown around often.

Crime Victims Fund is a program introduced by the government in order to allow victims of violent crimes and their closest family members to be reimbursed the additional costs associated.

The situations such as rape, assault, homicides, etc. are covered by this respective fund.

All the states have the membership of this compensation program as of today. This particular program is mainly funded by the fines and penalties paid by the convicted federal offenders; it is not dependant on the tax dollars however.

Basically, crime victims fund covers the below mentioned areas.

  • Fees charged for counseling
  • Expenses incurred for burial and funeral (even helping with certain affordable funerals)
  • Costs of lost wages
  • Costs incurred for medical (including dental) treatments
  • Costs of restoration of a property affected by the crime (Crime Scene & Trauma Cleanup)

Crime Victims Fund and Crime Scene Cleaning

After a crime scene, respective authorities will carry out necessary investigations and collect evidences. After that, the family members of the victim will have to look after the crime scene cleanup process and bear all the costs related to it.

Getting rid of the blood stains, blood, bodily fluids, fractured bones, etc. can be a very difficult task for the respective family members to handle. Therefore, many people choose to seek the assistance of a professional.

These firms are professionally qualified to handle the cleanup processes, but at a certain fee. If the respective family has comprehensive social insurance coverage, the aforesaid costs will be covered by the insurance service provider.

However, not all the insurance policies cover the costs associated with crime scene cleanup costs. This is when families are interested in no insurance crime scene cleanup services or no cost crime scene cleaning.

Crime Victims Fund can be exceptionally useful for families under such circumstances. Some crime scene cleaning companies, like Bio Recovery, offer no cost crime scene cleaning or no insurance crime scene clean up. But professional service always has a price. These professionals will cover their cost by contacting the Crime Victims Fund and the victim’s family doesn’t have to worry about financial fact.

In fact, this fund is exceptionally useful for those who are not in a position to pay the price of a professional and doesn’t have comprehensive insurance plan.

Cost of crime scene clean up

Each crime scene comes with unique characteristics with different necessities. Therefore, the cost of a crime scene cleanup cannot be precisely estimated over the phone without physically observing the place.

A professional cleanup company is always willing to visit the crime scene upon a very short notice and offer a precise rate. Although a precise pricing cannot be offered, here are some factors considered by these firms to determine the costs.

  • The amount of area to be cleaned (sometimes it is calculated based on the number of rooms)
  • The amount of structural damage
  • How long the scene has been left unattended
  • Other complications (if any)

If the company you have selected is a vendor that accepts no insurance crime scene clean up or no cost crime scene cleaning, they will make the necessary arrangements to forward the respective documents to Crime Victims Fund and claim the costs occurred.