How Professional Cleanup Protects Your Investment

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How Professional Cleanup Protects Your Investment

Emotional damage resulting from a suicide, homicide, or unattended death will never fully go away, but the physical evidence left after a trauma is quickly and easily remediated by a professional cleanup service. Within hours, Bio Recovery can respond to your home and address blood spills, odors, and the human body fluids and tissues left behind when the property has been the scene of a tragedy.

Biohazard cleaning is a job best left to professionals. Beyond the overwhelm one might experience when tackling the unpleasant task of cleaning up decomposing bodiesblood spills, mold sources, and ensuing bad odors, inexperienced and ill-equipped trauma scene cleaning can leave behind material that makes the situation worse down the road. This damage can and will impact your property’s resale value.

How Professional Cleanup Protects Your InvestmentEliminate Persistent, Offensive Odors

Body tissue left behind after a suicide by gunshotbody fluids left behind after a blood spill or unattended death, and the remnant odors from a decomposing body require expert techniques and proprietary cleaning compounds that remove the unpleasant odor’s source. Most over-the-counter odor control products only cover up the evidence, and overuse of artificial fragrances are a red flag to home buyers and professional inspectors contracted in the escrow process.

How Professional Cleanup Protects Your InvestmentRepair Damage from Body Fluids and Mold

Mold is a biohazard, usually caused by moisture. Blood spills that soak into gaps in tile grout or through carpet padding and subfloors provide an ideal environment for dangerous spores. Home inspectors will find these points of concern and suggest that the buyers demand immediate repairs or a reduction in the final purchase price. Head them off with proper cleanup after spilled blood and body fluids that have soaked into construction materials, insulation, drywall, and air ducts.

How Professional Cleanup Protects Your InvestmentPrevent Pests Attracted to Biohazardous Materials

The World Health Organization warns that fresh and dried blood and body tissue attract cockroaches, which have very sensitive olfactory systems. Cockroaches spread serious disease, and once they infest your property, professional pest control companies—in spite of toxic pesticides—often fail to remove all traces of the insects, leaving pheromones behind to attract new waves of biohazardous infestations.

Blowflies can smell biohazardous material from up to a mile away. If you, as a homeowner, don’t engage the services of a professional biohazard cleanup service right away, flies and maggots will prefer your property over your neighbors, and building inspectors will know why.

Increase Buyer Confidence with Detailed Records

Some states require home sellers to disclose to potential buyers whether a violent death occurred on the premises. When your real estate agent can present documentation issued by a professional biohazard cleanup company, you’re far less likely to scare away buyers or lose ground during the escrow’s negotiation and inspection period.

We reached out to a client of ours who manages commercial properties, but who used to be a partner in a residential real estate firm. “Buyers do ask these tough questions,” she said. “Especially with older homes that have long histories—chances are, there’s been a death in the home at some point; that’s something everyone has to accept. But if they find out that a homicide or traumatic suicide happened there, or that a body was left undiscovered for a period of time… well, it takes a little more convincing to get them to cross the threshold. Literally and figuratively.”

She recalls having closed a transaction where the sellers were able to provide documentation from Bio Recovery detailing their step-by-step biohazard cleanup procedures. She raised the point that her clients’ home was probably more sanitary than others on the market. “This is an important step for mold and bad smell abatement after a flood or fire, too,” she said. “Buyers can deal with a property’s ‘dark’ history if they can be assured it’s been properly remediated.”

Trust Bio Recovery

The way to ensure the proper handling of unattended death, crime or trauma scene damage is to enlist the services of a professional biohazard cleaning company. Bio Recovery works with your insurance carrier or local victim assistance agencies to remediate property damage due to blood and bodily fluids. Call us 24/7 at 1-888-752-5001 or visit our website today.