Safety Gear When Cleaning Crime Scenes

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Safety Gear When Cleaning Crime Scenes

After the occurrence of a murder or other violent crimes, the investigators and police do not have a special unit that come to clean up the crime scene. Some departments may work with the crime scene cleaning services and may be able to offer referrals, but, the onus of cleaning the scene properly falls to the owner of the property or the family of the deceased. Learn More.

Cleaning Up and Drying After a Flood

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Damages caused by flood are exceptionally devastating. If instant actions were not taken after the flooding situations, things can become worse. Water remediation including flooding cleanup should be done at your earliest before adverse situations emerge. Learn More.

What If You Can’t Afford Crime Scene Cleanup?

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Crime Victims Fund is a program introduced by the government in order to allow victims of violent crimes and their closest family members to be reimbursed the additional costs associated. The situations such as rape, assault, homicides, etc. are covered by this respective fund. Learn More.

Who Cleans Up After an Airbnb, Hostel, or Hotel Crime?

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Cleaning a Hotel After a Crime

NYC Hotel Crime Scene CleaningEven though the crime rate might be down right now in New York City, when tragedy strikes in a NYC hotel, thing start moving fast. EMS responds within minutes to evaluate the health of the victim and transport him/her to an area hospital, and the police begin their investigation to determine what happened, who is at fault and if any charges need to be filed. Meanwhile, the crime scene is combed for fingerprints and evidence to piece together what just happened. Read Full Post

Remediation of Legionnaires’ Disease Southern Bronx

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Legionnaires Testing and Remediation Southern BronxCurrently there is a severe outbreak of the bacteria that causes Legionnaires’ Disease in the South Bronx and the death toll has increased to 7, as of August 4, 2015. With more than 80 people diagnosed since this July, concerns are growing about how this potentially deadly bacteria is spread, as well as how to control it. Bio Recovery is a Biohazard Remediation Company based in New York that has the training, certifications, procedure, equipment and chemicals to remediate this devastating bacteria that thrives in water sources and has already been discovered in multiple locations around the Bronx, New York. Read Full Post

Lead Paint Remediation New York State

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Lead paint removal

Lead Based Paint Removal NYThere is something about historic homes that captivate people and draw them in. Whether its the structure, location, or history of the home that seals the deal, once it’s yours, it’s hard to give it up! So what happens if you own a home, apartment, or property that has that historic charm but hazardous conditions? If you live in New York, Bio Recovery is here to help you make your property safe and beautiful once again. If you are looking for lead paint removal and abatement services, Bio Recovery is your nationwide crime scene cleanup and biohazard crew that will help get your property free of lead once and for all. Read Full Post

Suffolk County Cleaning

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Suffolk County Crime CleanupNo matter where you live in the United States, we are forced to deal with crime way too frequently. Yes, even in places like Suffolk County, NY, there are crimes committed regularly. With over 1.5 million people living in Long Island, the crimes committed in this area can range from small, petty crimes, to drastic, dangerous ones. If you are currently dealing with the aftermath of a crime scene in this area of New York, Bio Recovery is a nationwide crime scene cleanup company eager to assist you today! Read Full Post

Crime Scene Cleanup Nassau New York

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Crime Cleanup Nassau County NYNothing is more frightening than coming home to yellow tape surrounding your property with teams of police, investigators and onlooking crowds scavenging through your belongings and wreaking havoc onto the fresh crime scene that lays in front of them. When the tape falls and the crowds diminish, the only thing left on your property is painful memories, bodily fluids, and a home turned upside down. If you live in Nassau, New York and this happens to you, please know that you are not alone and you should not be left to clean up this painful mess on your own! Read Full Post

Lead Paint Removal Services Pennsylvania

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Lead paint removal

Lead Paint Removal PAIf you live in a home that was built before 1978, chances are that your home contains some Lead-Based Paint. The older the home, the more likely it is to have at least some lead paint. Breathing in lead fumes or dust or swallowing anything that contains lead can result in Lead Poisoning. Bio Recovery technicians are Trained Lead Abatement Specialists. We provide Pennsylvania homeowners with Affordable Lead Paint Removal to eliminate the dangers of lead exposure. Read Full Post