Lead Paint Removal New York

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Lead Based Paint Removal NYComing into contact with lead based paint can be very dangerous for your children, pets, and your own health, as it can cause lead poisoning. The fumes, chips and dust from lead based paint are what individuals really need to stay away from because if it ingested into your system, it can spread through your bloodstream. If you believe that your home or office may be exposed to lead based paint, it is important to call lead paint removal specialists immediately. If you are in New York, there is no better team to partner with than Bio Recovery for all of your New York Lead Paint Removal needs…Read Full Post

Measles Decontamination

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Measles Decontamination Services
Measles, medically referred to as Rubeola, is a communicable disease once thought to be an eliminated threat in America, but is now the result of an Official CDC Health Advisory. This highly contagious respiratory disease causes severe health complications and can kill. Bio Recovery has certified biohazard decontamination professionals that can successfully eliminate the spread of Measles. If you are responsible for a location where a person that has a confirmed case of Measles… Read Full Post

Crime Scene Cleanup 101

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Crime Scene Cleanup Information
Sudden violent death, suicide, and death in the hands of another are occurrences that leave unparalleled losses at their wake. These are just some of the traumatic events that occur on a daily basis and leave behind them specific areas that clearly manifest the pain and violence that occurred. These crime scenes offer forensics experts and police officers evidence that could shed a light on the events that transpired. Oftentimes, the death of a human being is a messy event… Read Full Post

Time is of the Essence

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One of the biggest factors for any job Bio Recovery handles is time. Even in death time still determines every aspect of a clean up from the type of equipment used, the amount of chemicals, to the number of technicians on site. Of course time has the biggest impact on the bio itself. When a person dies, the body undergoes several stages of decomposition. With each following stage comes with it the potential for surrounding environmental damage to occur. Most severe… Read Full Post

A Fine Line for Crime Clean Up

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Everyday people live and die, it’s apart of life. For most of us, our lives consist of day to day routines. Routines that keep us grounded, active, financially stable, and focused. As a society we’re reluctant to acknowledge how short and fragile life actually is. That reluctance, in my opinion, is deep-rooted in our DNA through natural selection as part of trial and error during our evolution. Our resistance to fear death would of only held us back from becoming the intellectual, articulate… Read Full Post

Hoarding, More than Meets the Eye

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As devastating as it can be to deal with the death of a loved one, it is a after all, a natural part of life. When one experiences the death of a loved one or family member, our thought processes tend to overload with emotions and irrational decisions during our time of mourning. I know this from personal experience when my Uncle Joe passed away in October of 2013. My Uncle was a great loving individual, avid hunter, and all around great person. Although he had his problems like… Read Full Post

The Logistics of Cleaning a Crime Scene

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Up until the early 2000’s the daunting task of cleaning up a crime scene was more or less left to the victim’s families to personally clean up. It’s hard to imagine how traumatizing and disturbing this must be for someone who may also be grieving for a lost loved one. Before then, there weren’t many options to deal with such a situation. Even today no regulations or guidelines exist that directly deal with the remediation of the violent aftermath of a crime. Since then, small companies… Read Full Post

Basics of Crime Scene Investigating

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We all have our fantasy to become a part of the CSI in one way or another. It is nothing but fascinating to see how these people who seem so normal could put together all the clues and figure out the crime. Through their rigid investigation and thorough collection of evidences on the crime scene, it is possible for these CSI members to track down and convict the suspect. But do we really understand how they were able to connect all the clues? Do we really believe that, in real life… Read Full Post